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We specialize in affordable PPC management.

You get high-quality Google Ads & Bing Ads management. Our prices are affordable, our service is personal and responsive and our goal is to help our clients increase leads and sales through our affordable PPC management service.
Your pay-per-click advertising is professionally set-up and strategically managed by a PPC management specialist, with over 10 years of full-time small business PPC management experience.
You get knowledgeable, experienced service at affordable prices. From small business PPC management to landing page design, web design, SEO, business listing optimization, Facebook ad management, and more.
Our Google Ads management starts at $335 per month, with no setup fees and no long-term contracts.
Our affordable PPC management is done in-house, in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Your Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts are managed based on industry best practices, with a focus on your goals, your budget, relevance, search volume, and results.
We have effective, affordable internet marketing programs for your business.

Contact Pay Per Click Authority at 720-600-0515 for a free consultation.

Affordable Google Ads Management

Since 2010, we’ve specialized in affordable Google Ads management. We keep our overhead low and pass on our savings to our clients.

Our parent company, Internet Expert Online, started with a vision of helping small businesses improve their internet marketing results and treating small business owners fairly and honestly.

Over the years, our focus has been on specializing in Google Ads management. We’re Google Partners, and our owner, Steve Pitt, is certified in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads search marketing. Steve personally setups up and manages all of our client’s PPC advertising for our clients.

Our clients know they need to be advertising on Google for new business. They know it’s competitive and can be complex and time-consuming to manage their paid search advertising. That’s why they outsource their PPC advertising to a management company that specializes in affordable PPC management, like PayPerClickAuthority.

What our customers love about our service is that we run strategic pay per click marketing campaigns with a focus on results (conversions), relevance, search volume, quality scores and results. Our approach to affordable PPC management is to be smart and strategic. We also know that the destination is critical to results (your landing page or website). We offer cost effective options in landing page design, web design, SEO, business listing optimization and affordable PPC management.


Results Focused Google Ads Management

Affordable PPC Management

Small Business PPC Management

Save time, improve results, gain a competitive edge with our affordable Google Ads management service.

Your pay-per-click advertising will be strategically managed and optimized with the goal of helping you increase leads and conversions.

At Pay Per Click Authority, our goal is to help your business
get the best out of your internet marketing dollar.

Save time
Improve results
Personal, responsive service
Knowledgeable & experienced
Grow Your Small Businses

High-Quality, Affordable
PPC Management

Why Use Our Small Business
PPC Management Service?

Your PPC advertising is strategically managed and optimized on a bi-weekly basis by a PPC specialist with over 10 years of experience in small business PPC management.
Steve Pitt (President) is certified in Google Ads & Bing Ads management. He wrote the book “Google AdWords: Better Results In 30 Days” and has set up and managed hundreds of PPC campaigns for a wide variety of businesses. His focus is on running strategic PPC campaigns that are focused on our client’s goals, search volume, and relevance.
Thanks to our years of small business PPC management experience,
we’re confident that we provide your business with an affordable PPC management program that’s right for you.
From campaign setup, keyword research, creating ads, and strategic managing your PPC campaigns.
We can help with Google search campaigns, click-to-call campaigns, display network campaigns, remarketing campaigns (retargeting), social media campaigns, and more!
We can help your business drive qualified traffic to your website. All with a focus on improving results, increasing leads and sales.
Affordable PPC management for small business, that’s our specialty.

Results We've Achieved For Our PPC Management Client's

Case Study #1


Increased Conversions

We increased conversions 58%, from 170 to 270!


Increased Phone Calls

We increased phone calls 30%, from 297 to 380!


Advertising Costs

Client's advertising costs stayed almost flat, with a small increase of 1%. The increase in phone calls and conversions speaks for itself!

Case Study #2


Increased Conversions

We increased conversions from 17 to 28! That's an increase of 64%


Increase in Phone Impressions

We increased phone impressions from 1,811 to 2,429! That's an increase of 34%

- 3.69%

Advertising Costs

Thru strategic optimization, we were able to decrease the client's advertising costs by 3.69%, from $4,114 down to $3,993!

Case Study #3


Increased Conversions

We increased conversions from 22 to 30!
That's an increase of 36%


Increase in Impressions

We increased ad impressions from 4,123 to 4,521! That's an increase of 9.65%

- 2.08%

Advertising Costs

We reduced their advertising costs by 2.08%, from $2,141.72 to $2,097.25. 

Bottom line: more conversions for less money!

Case Study #4


Increased Conversions

We increased conversions from 16 to 24!
That's an increase of 50%


Increase in Impressions

We increased ad impressions from 4,583 to 5,446! That's an increase of 18.83%

- 14.72%

Advertising Costs

We reduced their advertising costs by 14.72%, from $7,099.12 to $6,053.91

Bottom line: more conversions for less money!

Case Study #5


Increased Conversions

We increased conversions from 119 to 212!
That's an increase of 78%


Increase in Phone Calls

We increased phone call conversions from 185 to 301. That's an increase of 62.70%

- 1.96%

Advertising Costs

We reduced their advertising costs by 1.96%, from $7,805.49 to $7,652.87

Bottom line: more conversions for less money!

Google Ads Management

We specialize in affordable Google Ads management for small businesses.

PPC Management

PPC Management

Affordable PPC management, including Google, Bing & Yahoo management from $550 per month

Click Fraud Protection

Click Fraud Protection

Effective & affordable Google Ads click fraud protection service. Helps prevent competitors and bots from wasting your money.

Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

We design professional landing pages that look great and are focused on improving conversions.

web design

Web Design

High-quality WordPress web design. We design beautiful websites that are focused on improving your internet marketing results.


SEO Services

Affordable, results-focused SEO based on white hat best practices. Focused on increasing organic rankings.

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What our clients say

Kyle Lester

CPA, Attorney At Law

“Steve is simply the best. He is super knowledgeable and he is always available. And…. most importantly, he has been a major contributor to the growth of my law and accounting practices. I recommend Steve without reservation.”

Michael Fuchs

President, dataBridge

“I have worked with Steve for several years and he is extremely knowledgeable, has a very fast response time and knows how to tune PPC for ROI better than anyone else. I’ve referred him to many colleagues and friends and they are all very satisfied with his abilities.”

Brent Werbeck

CEO, Local Business Ally

“Quick service. Immediate results. Amazing value. What more could you ask for? It is hard to know who you can trust in this arena – you can 100% trust this team will deliver. The owner is incredibly responsive and delivers on his word – often ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their AdWords to the next level.”

Greg Cassidy

President, Maintenance Free Windows

“They are very accessible if I need anything. With their expertise, I get real results. I would recommend their service to anyone.”

Erika Luitjent

Marketing Director, Stonecrest Financial

“They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with.  I highly recommend them.”

Mohammad Hussaini

President, American Halal Foundation

Steve is amongst the best in the business of advertising and his personality and character accentuate his expertise to provide superb solutions to meet your marketing challenges.”

How we work


First, we want to set up a free consultation so that we can better understand your goals, needs, and budget. We’ll also conduct a complimentary PPC evaluation so we have a better understanding of what you’ve been doing, what’s working, and what’s not.


We’ll research, setup, and structure your PPC campaigns at no additional charge. We’ll conduct keyword research, set up campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads, all focused on your goals, search volume, and relevance. We’ll set up conversion tracking and measure results.


In the beginning, we’ll be in your Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts frequently, making strategic adjustments including bid adjustments, adding additional keywords, optimizing bids, optimizing the keyword search report, and more. All focused on improving your PPC results.


We’ll be strategically managing and optimizing your PPC advertising on a bi-weekly basis, all based on best practices. From labeling converting keywords, removing low-quality score keywords, researching additional keywords, optimizing ads, and much more. 

PPC expert
Affordable PPC Management

About us

Pay Per Click Authority

Pay Per Click Authority is owned and operated by Internet Expert Online, located in Boulder Colorado.

We started our business in 2010, with a focus on affordable
PPC management for small businesses.

We’re not a big agency, by design. You won’t deal with salespeople or customer service people. And you won’t talk to someone overseas.

You’ll work directly with an internet marketing specialist with over20 years of experience in helping small businesses. You get personal, responsive service.

We treat our clients fairly and honestly. There is no setup fee for our PPC management service and no long-term contract.

You own your accounts, you pay Google and Microsoft for your advertising. You pay us to professionally manage your PPC campaigns.

Our affordable PPC management service is on a month-to-month basis.

Cancel anytime, and you keep all the work we’ve done for you.

No strings attached. Just fair and honest service, with a goal of helping you improve your PPC advertising and your internet marketing results.


What does our affordable PPC management cost?

Google Ads Management


per month or 8%, total account spend, whichever is greater

Comprehensive set-up
Strategic optimization
Bi-weely management
Comprehensive reporting


Best choice

PPC Management


per month or 8% of total account spend, whichever is greater

Google, Bing & Yahoo
Strategic optimization
2 monthly blog posts
Bi-weekly management
Comprehensive reporting

Click Fraud Protection


per month

Our advanced and effective click fraud protection service can save you money by excluding invalid IPs and blocking fake clicks.

Only $45 per month, per website.

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Talk with a knowledgeable expert about your business.
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