What if your marketing strategy was holding your business back?

A good advertising strategy is at the heart of every great business. And in our digital world, this means finding digital marketing methods to reach the most people.

One of the best digital marketing strategies is to use Google Ads. Unfortunately, many businesses that could benefit from Google Ads are on the fence about using the service.

Wondering what Google Ads could do for you and your own business? Keep reading to discover the answer!

1. Reach the Most People

Why is Google Ads the best advertising strategy you can use? There are many reasons, but perhaps the best one is that it allows you to reach the highest number of people.

Obviously, there are other ways people can search the internet. This includes everything from Bing to Duck Duck Go. But when the average person needs to find information, their first instinct is to Google it.

The more people who use Google, the higher chance the right people will see your ads. And since Google literally processes trillions of search requests each year, they offer the highest possible reach and, therefore, the most “bang for your buck.”

2. Targeted Marketing

Of course, the expansive reach of Google Ads is only part of the equation. It’s also important to use these ads as part of your business advertising because it helps you target very specific groups.

Basically, Google Ads is not designed to round up all possible leads. Instead, these ads are designed for you to send qualified leads exactly where they need to go and exactly when they realize they need it.

Think about it: we tend to Google solutions to problems that we encounter. Google Ads helps more potential customers realize how they could solve the problems they are facing using your products and services. And by studying analytics each month (or relying on a trustworthy marketing agency), you can constantly refine your ads for the better.

3. Grow Your Business On Your Terms

Different CEOs and managers have different ideas about the best way to grow their brands. Fortunately, Google Ads is adaptable to these different needs.

For example, you may simply want to bring more traffic to your site. Or you may want visitors to sign up for an email marketing campaign. Or maybe you want to drum up special interest for a new product you are launching.

Whatever your goal, Google provides intuitive controls and options to craft a custom campaign from the ground up.

4. More Conversions

There may be plenty of different goals you have when it comes to your digital marketing plan. But odds are the primary goal is to increase conversions, and this is something Google Ads does very well.

Research from WebFX discovered that someone is 50% more likely to buy something after they click on a Google Ad. This goes back to the consumer intent we mentioned before: when someone has a problem and is searching for a solution, they are likelier to make a purchase to get it taken care of.

And what about that other 50%? Considering that Google Ads makes it easy for you to engage in remarketing, you can effectively give yourself multiple chances to convert customers and meet your goals.

5. Better Control Over Your Campaign

Marketing campaigns are notoriously difficult to control. That is because with so many different people involved and so many things to cover, it’s easy for those in control of a company to quickly lose control of the marketing.

As you might imagine, that is less of a concern with Google. Because Google makes campaign control so user-friendly and intuitive, it can be run by as little as one person. This helps you have better control over each campaign from beginning to end.

This is particularly useful for very small businesses and startups. You may not be able to afford a large marketing team, but Google Ads helps a single person perform as well as an entire team.

6. A Solid ROI

There are plenty of different marketing tools out there, and most of the best ones cost money. The question is whether these tools are worth the price you have to pay.

The good news is that Google Ads is most definitely worth the cost. That is because you can count on this form of company advertising to have a very solid ROI.

It all goes back to the increased conversions we mentioned above. The cost of Google Ads is relatively mild, and the potential to increase conversions so much means that this marketing tool will more than pay for itself on an ongoing basis.

7. Budget-Friendly Design

Another way that Google Ads is budget-friendly is that it gives you complete control over the costs of your campaign. And this allows you to keep from spending too much on different campaigns.

For example, you can set a maximum number of bids for the day, and you can establish a daily budget limit. And you only pay when someone clicks on a link, which is far more budget-friendly than paying for every user who simply views the ad.

8. Speedy Results

The basic goal of using Google Ads is the same as the basic goal of SEO: moving up through the search rankings. But since organic SEO is completely free, why should someone pay to use Google Ads?

The short answer is that this is the fastest way to rise up through those rankings. Organic SEO is worth it, but it still takes a lot of time before you really see results. Meanwhile, Google lets you simply bid on the right keywords and jump your webpage to the front of the line.

Plus, nothing keeps you from developing organic SEO while investing in Google Ads, effectively letting your business experience the best of both worlds.

9. Results Anyone Can Understand

Previously, we touched on the fact that Google Ads is intuitive and user-friendly. There are multiple reasons for this, but the main reason is that dashboard results are very easy to understand.

At a glance, you can easily review things like your keyword budget as well as the amount of impressions and clicks. Once you are more comfortable with these ads, you can delve further into the analytics, but even just using the basic dashboard functionality allows your business to hit the ground running.

10. Discover Your Demographics Like Never Before

On paper, the formula for business success seems simple enough: you need to sell the products and services that your customers want. But if you don’t know enough about your demographics, that may be nearly impossible!

Historically, companies have invested a small fortune into consumer research. After enough time and money, you can get a rough idea about your demographics and craft buyer personas for your sales and marketing teams to use.

But Google Ads makes all of this easier by providing you with detailed info about the keywords customers are using, what they are clicking on, when they are browsing the internet, and even what devices they use to do so. With all of this information, you can further your understanding of your demographic while refining your products, services, and marketing approach.

11. Better Brand Awareness

Branding is more important than ever before. This is why businesses focus on transforming superfans into “brand ambassadors.” But you can’t have brand ambassadors without serious brand awareness.

This is another area in which Google Ads really excels. While you only pay for ads that users click on, those ads will be seen by many more users, often multiple times throughout the day. This helps build their awareness of your brand, and they are likelier to turn to your company when they need a solution to their problems.

Think of this as a “win/win” for your own business. You don’t have to pay for all the different times the same person views one of your ads. And by the time you pay for their eventual click, they are likelier than ever to convert, so Google helps build brand awareness and sales at the same time.

12. Different Bidding Strategies Available

Still worried about your budget and the overall ROI that Google Ads has to offer? You can get the most out of each dollar by using the right bidding strategies in the right circumstances.

CPC bidding is optimized for driving web traffic. CPM bidding is optimized for building brand awareness. And CPA bidding is optimized for driving conversions.

Knowing which bids are likely to create the desired results ensures that no money is wasted as part of your ongoing marketing plan.

13. Major Remarketing Potential

Earlier, we mentioned how Google Ads makes remarketing easier. But why is remarketing so important, and why is Google Ads the perfect way to do it?

Basically, remarketing plays an important role in moving customers along the funnel. Not everyone is ready to convert, but frequent exposure to your brand means they are likelier to turn to your company when the time comes.

According to W3Techs, nearly half the websites on the internet use Google’s ad network, meaning plenty of people will see your ads. By using cookies, Google ensures that customers who visit your website repeatedly see ads for that site. 

And when you are more comfortable with the platform, you can set up very specific remarketing actions. For example, you can show a very specific ad to customers who click on specific things. So if they were tempted by a product before, you can keep tempting them until they make the purchase!

14. Creating Different Kinds of Campaigns

Oftentimes, we refer to Google Ads as an investment your company is making. That is because, in the fullness of time, Google can help you create a number of different campaigns.

Why is that? It all goes back to how the platform helps you learn more about your demographic. Every month of new data provides countless opportunities for you to learn more about your customers.

Typically, a company starts out by creating one kind of campaign targeting its primary demographic. But as their understanding of the demographic evolves, they end up creating different campaigns that better target what their key audience wants.

Just as your products and services will change over time, the exact tastes of your audience will change, too. But Google helps you keep your fingers on the pulse of what your audience wants, allowing your business to grow alongside the changing needs of your customers.

15. Futureproof Your Marketing

Another reason we consider Google Ads an investment is this: at this point, it’s fair to say that Google is the future of the internet.

As we noted before, nearly half of the websites online use Google’s ad network. On top of that, “Google” has entered the public lexicon as the word for “search the internet.” And while there are competitors such as Bing, it is telling that the most-searched-for term among Bing users is “Google.”

In other words, Google helped define our current ways of accessing the internet, and they are in a unique position to influence everything from online culture to digital marketing and sales. In order to create a more successful business for yourself, now is the time for you to invest in Google Ads and take advantage of this company’s expansive foothold across the world!

A Better Advertising Strategy: Your Next Move

Now you know why Google Ads needs to be a part of your advertising strategy. But do you know who can help you make the most out of this form of marketing?

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