Advertising trends and strategies constantly evolve, and it’s essential for marketers to be on top of their game all the time, especially when it comes to PPC. Their competitors will likely overtake them if they don’t keep up. 

As the new year starts, so do the latest trends for PPC marketing. And because the benefits of PPC for small businesses are undeniable, it’s imperative that you learn the new trends and adjust your strategies accordingly. Here are some trends that you need to watch: 

Potential New Platforms for PPC

With the emergence of new platforms, there is a new opportunity for online advertising to grow even more significantly. As more and more people start using these platforms and use them regularly, businesses will come up with new strategies to tap into them. Some new platforms that you need to watch out for are the upcoming Windows 10, Apple Watch, and Google Glass. While currently, they do not support PPC, there is a chance that they might in the near future.

More Mobile-Friendly PPC Ads

With mobile devices being used more than ever, businesses will have to start tailoring their PPC ads for mobile devices. Seeing as mobiles and tablets make up close to half of the Internet traffic today, companies will have to start making their ads more mobile-responsive. The reason why this is important is that the ads will show more naturally on mobile devices. This can improve their click-through rates and increase conversion rates.

PPC Automation

Most small business owners would rather not spend all their time on PPC ads. Even if their pay-per-click management is outsourced to a third party, they still want to spend as much time as possible on their core business. Is there a way to automate the whole process? Yes, and some companies are starting to do this. Some companies use PPC automation to manage the campaigns, optimize ads and save time. This is expected to get even more prominent in 2022.

First-Party Data

First-party data is data that comes from a business’s own website. This data will include information about your consumers’ behavior, behavior patterns and interests, and many other details. Both businesses and PPC marketers can use this to improve their PPC campaigns. For example, if you are running a Twitter campaign, you can use first-party data to understand better which ads will be more effective.

Video Ads

Video ads have become a more popular form of online ads. While more and more consumers are using mobile devices, people still like to watch videos. Overall, videos are more engaging and better ways to promote a product. The problem is that videos are more expensive to produce and manage. This makes it harder for small businesses to do it. But as it becomes a must-have, there will definitely be more businesses using videos for PPC.


As PPC markets grow, more and more trends will emerge. Now is the time to be aware of your PPC trends. As trends come and go, you will be able to adjust your PPC strategy and stay competitive. The new year is an exciting time for PPC and small businesses. As more companies get on board, PPC will continue to grow in popularity and ultimately generate more revenue for them. Of course, for you to enjoy the benefits of PPC for small businesses, you are going to need the help of seasoned professionals who can help you.

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