google adwords managerPay-per-click advertising, better known as PPC, is a major player in online advertising. This search engine marketing tool makes it easy for users to find your website, product, or services online.

While there are many different platforms for PPC creation, launch, and management, Adwords remains the leading source for digital advertisers. Designed and owned by Google, Adwords lets you utilize the exposure of the most popular website in the world to reach new customers.

But as powerful as this tool is, Google Adwords Manager comes with a bit of a learning curve. While the platform’s extensive tools and capabilities are highly effective, you may be hard-pressed to pick it up on your own.

That’s why we’re offering you a crash course in how to use Adwords effectively.

What is Adwords?

Adwords has become such a recognizable name that some people confuse it with PPC in general. However, Adwords is Google’s platform for PPC campaigns. Because it allows you to advertise on the front page of keyword specific search results, many businesses use it as a quick SEO boost as well as a way to generate new leads.

While Adwords’ platform is extremely robust, its main objective is to use your chosen keywords in order to place your ads in front of search engine users seeking your product or service.

You can choose from different types of ads based on the type of call-to-action you’re trying to generate, such as generating calls, messages, or visits to your website or landing page.

5 Things Every Google Adwords Manager Should Be Doing

Creating an effective PPC campaign takes planning and a solid strategy for implementation and management. You have to think through every aspect of your ad, from the target audience and copy to the call-to-action and its landing page.

Use these tips to improve your Adwords campaign performance, and see your profits grow!

1. Create a Killer Landing Page

We put your landing page at the top of this because a landing page is the backbone of your advertisement. You can have killer ad copy but if it leads to a weak landing page, you’ll never generate results.

Like your ad, your landing page has to sell the viewer on completing whatever call-to-action you’re looking to generate. Identify your target audience and cater your landing page’s voice and design to appeal to this demographic.

Make sure you:

  • Keep it clean, simple, and to the point
  • Project credibility and establish trust
  • Create a clear call-to-action and sense of urgency

Users are wary of making a purchase from unknown brands. Inspire confidence by selling them on your credibility and establishing trust. This can be done both through a professional landing page design and promises and facts that reinforce your credibility.

Make sure your call-to-action is clear and that the nature of the page consistently guides the viewer toward an action. Give them several opportunities to take advantage of what you’re offering.

2. Target the Right Audience for Your Ads

As we stated above, your message depends heavily upon the needs and desires of your target audience. Establish a clear target for the consumers you are looking to attract.

Start by looking at your existing clientele. What are the common denominators in age, gender, income level, and geography? This will help you filter out traffic that won’t convert.

Once you have established who your audience is, your landing page and ad copy should speak to that demographic. For example: if it’s a young, Millennial demographic, then focus on providing value that age group will appreciate.

Millennials often prefer messaging and text correspondence while older demographics like to speak to a professional over the phone. Considering factors like these in your call-to-action can help optimize your conversions.

3. Draft Compelling Copy with a Clear Call-To-Action

You only get a minimal amount of real estate to get your point across in Adwords. Every word counts, so you have to convey your message and call-to-action in clear, convincing copy.

Keep in mind there is a lot of trial and error in Adwords copy. Unlike traditional ad campaigns, Adwords gives you the opportunity to edit and change your ad copy throughout the campaign.

Test several different variations of your ad and use the Adwords backend to monitor how they perform. Ads with a low Cost-Per-Click, or CPC, rate generate the best ROI.

As you refine your ads, you will start to gain a better idea of your target audience and what they are searching for, so pay attention to your metrics and optimize them throughout the course of your campaign.

4. Optimize on Your Ad Extensions

Each Adwords campaign has the option of adding up to 4 Adwords extensions. This includes options that lead to:

  • Phone extension
  • Location extension
  • Text Message extension
  • Pricing extension
  • App Store extension
  • Site link extension
  • And more

You can measure reporting for these extensions as well as your ad in order to see how your target audience best responds. Try creating multiple extension options to test which performs the best during your Adwords campaign.

5. Select and Manage Your Keywords

Keyword optimization is a pivotal aspect of your Adwords campaign strategy. When executed properly, the list of keywords you start with will be different from the final list at your campaign’s end.

This is because you will be adding and removing keywords throughout the course of your campaign based on their performance. This practice refines your audience as well as your ad impressions.

To do this, click on the keywords tab in your Adwords backend and select the sub-tab labeled Search Terms. This will give a list of both the keywords listed and the keywords acquired for your campaign.

Review them thoroughly and determine which keywords are actually relevant to your specific services or call-to-action. Remove any keywords that deviate from your objective.

This will optimize your conversion rate and save you from spending unnecessary money in your advertising budget.

Hire an Adwords Expert to Grow Your Business

Don’t have the time to learn the in’s and out’s of Google Adwords Manager? We get it. Running a business is a full-time job, and while Adwords has the potential to grow it exponentially, your time may already be spread thin.

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