Affordable PPC Management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management has been in existence for 25 years and is an evolving art that is growing incessantly. Many people have heard of and have some knowledge of PPC management but do not have a lot of information on the topic, nor do they know the many different areas that play a role in making PPC management what it is. One of those areas is White Label PPC management. White Label PPC management is what is done when PPC management services are outsourced and made available to wholesalers and resellers that are in the digital marketing industry. When you are dealing with White Label PPC Management you will be in a position to give your clients amazingly great PPC management services while eliminating the archetypal overheads that would be there in other instances.

When looking at White Label PPC Management services it is a good place to know who should use it. White Label PPC Management is good for wholesalers, agencies, and resellers. White Labelling PPC management means you are using a PPC service from another agency but selling it to your clients as your own PPC service. With that, it is important to understand all you can about the services your provider uses; this is essential so you know how to effectively sell it to your clients.

White Label PPC management is a great way that you will be able to grow your business as well as scale it all while eliminating the disturbance of weeding out contractors that may be unreliable as well as using the expense of hiring in-house. White Label PPC management will also get rid of the need for buying tools that are needed for bidding and reporting and other products that may be costly but are necessary to give the best service to your clients in the best manner possible.

If you find yourself in a position where you are offering PPC management to the clients you have, but feel you do not have the skills or time to deliver these services to the best of your ability, it would be of great benefit to utilizing White Label PPC management. If you want great collaboration and communication that is valued and always given with the best knowledge and skill then White Label PPC management would be an awesome option for you.

There are some amazing things you need to know that will be included in your White Label PPC management. Everything has a process, and to ensure you have the best service, you should know what is included in your White Label PPC management. It will include:


When you are looking at White Label PPC management and the onboarding process there are some things that you need to expect to see. When you are seeing these things, you will know that the onboarding process is going exactly as it should be.

  • Setting up your Google Tag Manager: Google Tag Manager is a system that will allow you to quickly add updated measurement codes easily. It will also allow related code fragments (which would be the tags to be updated on your mobile app or website. When you have the Google Tag Manager code to be added to the project you have, it is easy to safely deploy configurations.
  • Setting up your Conversion Tracking: A conversion is what takes place whenever a visitor is on your site and takes an action that you will care about and will convert the visitor to a customer.
  • Setting up your Call Tracking and Recording: This is software that will track and record information from any incoming phone calls; this will include call source and audio recordings.
  • Completely testing all tracking: This is a tracking template that will be on your landing page; it will test different levels including account level, campaign level, ad group level, ad level, keyword level, and site link extension level.
  • An Onboarding call for every new client: These phone calls are made to go over forms, put together expectations, and help get familiar with the full process.
  • Setting up your Reporting Dashboard: Your dashboard is your tool for data visualization. It will allow you to understand the analytics that is important to your business, project, and department.

All of these things are essential in the first step of getting your White Label PPC management onboarding process going. We will walk you through each step and ensure that everything is done the right way before going forward with the next steps.

Account Management

Making sure you have everything with your account set up properly will be essential to making sure your White Label PPC management process goes over flawlessly. As with any process, there are essential steps that will be put into it to make sure things go according to plan. Here are the steps you will see when you are dealing with account management for White Label PPC management.

  • 25 point checklist dealing with weekly management: There will be changes that are made on a weekly basis; with these changes, it should be normal to go through a checklist of tasks that are necessary to see if there will be an action that takes place. Some of the categories we make sure to look into when doing this checklist are account-wide, settings, budget, keywords, bids, ad copy, and placements.
  • Account monitoring on a daily basis: This service provides notifications early on of any changes that may occur within a customer’s payment behavior. Should there be any negative changes that may be predicted? This monitoring will help give early notifications and give an opportunity for immediate action to lower any possible risk or exposure.
  • Bid optimizations: The majority of forms of paid digital marketing will utilize a model reminiscent of an auction where advertisers will compete against one another in order to display the ads they have to a specific audience.
  • Analysis for negative keywords: This may be heard as a negative match; these are specific phrases or words that will prevent ads from being shown to anyone that may be searching for a specific phrase or keyword.
  • Day optimization reports for device and time
  • Split testing for ad copies: Split testing will test a variety of repetitions of the same ad.

Account Build

Building an account is always something that needs to be done in every instance. But making sure you have an account that is built on a solid foundation and that will be what is best for your business with White Label PPC management could be the one thing that puts you out of reach from others, and that is exactly what you want to happen. These are the things you will find helps set you apart when it comes to account building.

  • Keyword research: This process will uncover any keywords your target market will use whenever searches are conducted.
  • Account structure that is tried and tested: Account structures use the main account along with financial proportions and will create a set of rules that will determine order and values that will be needed.
  • Putting together an ad copy that is compelling: This is a sales letter that will address objections that can possibly come up from a customer. It will also highlight key features along with benefits customers will have when making a purchase.
  • Developing the best landing page: Your landing page is a standalone web page; it is specifically created for advertising or a marketing campaign.
  • Setting the best goals
  • Developing a retargeting setup (this is done whenever Google will allow it to happen): This will help you to remind customers of your services and products once they leave your website without making a purchase.


When you are dealing with reporting you want to ensure you are doing all that is possible to have it done correctly. You never really want to go forward in a manner of reporting that is improper when it comes to White Label PPC management. Here is what you will want to see when it comes to reporting.

  • Call tracking (which should always be included): This will help measure just how your website, digital advertising, and any offline marketing will drive inbound calls, and it will also spot the quality as well as conversion outcome.
  • A dashboard that is solely put in place for agency reporting: This is the best way to open and maintain discussions. It will help to explain what is being done to help your business and exactly how goals will be achieved.
  • A white label dashboard that is accessible by the client
  • Monthly reports that will fully show what is happening: The monthly reports are essential and extremely helpful; they will show what is intended for the future and how we will work towards optimizing your PPC campaign on a continual basis.
  • Regular calls to review and go over everything
  • Advanced reporting that provides more details (this is optional, but also encouraged)

Along with these steps in your process, there are some other optional add-on services that you can get with your White Label PPC management. You can take your experience to the next level and these are some of the things that you can add on to help make this process that much better for you. These things are:

  • 3rd Party Platform or Tracking
  • Call reviews that may be extremely helpful for you
  • Report commentary and notes
  • Display ads that are customized
  • Setting up YouTube campaigns
  • Creating the perfect landing page that is distinct to your company
  • Custom specific campaign build requirements

For some, you may even want to have a White Label PPC management proposal. They tend to help close a lot of money that comes from new ads. Generally speaking, this is something that can cause a team to spend hours every month creating. It does take time, but it will allow you to gain access to support tools that you will have. Allowing us to do this for you will enable you to focus on the essential things that will propel your business forward. It will help build relationships and also help you close more deals.

We can also help and prepare a banner ad design. It has been shown that click-through rates are improved when you have a custom-designed eye-catching banner. Display banners are an amazing way to bring brand awareness and even catch the attention of previous site visitors; this will help your specific ads stand out from the crowd of the many that are seen. You want your banner to be custom and always noticed. This is key and it can have a drastic improvement on your click-through rates, which will, in turn, have a positive effect on your conversions.

We here at Pay Per Click Authority have all that you need when it comes to White Label PC management. We have always and will continue to put our focus in getting you in the best position possible. We will work tirelessly at ensuring you have the best outcome and full experience with us. We always provide reasonable and authentic service and want to make sure we are doing all we can to help improve your PPC advertising along with the marketing results you are looking for from the internet.

Your trust in us is essential to your success… we want you to know that we always have your best interest at heart. Our team of experts is ready to help guide you through the process and will be with you every step of the way. We know how important it is to you to have the very best and we are ready to give you just that. It will be our pleasure to help you with White Label PPC management and will do all we can to make sure we provide you with exactly what is necessary for things to work perfectly for you. Get in touch with us today so we can get started on your White Label PPC management today and begin your affordable White Label PPC going!