Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and new business opportunities are sprouting into view. Now all you need is the right marketing strategy to ensure those opportunities help you achieve business growth, too.

According to Forbes, pay-per-click advertising is 50 percent more likely to help companies make a sale, compared to organic leads.

Here are 10 ways pay-per-click advertising services can help your company blossom to its full potential!

1. You Plot the Entire Garden

When it comes to your business (and how you spend your money), you want to maintain control. With paid advertising like Google Ads, you can decide everything from the keywords to the budget.

You can also decide which keywords or ad groups to give a little more attention to. As you water and tend to these stronger ad groups, you can cultivate the ads most likely to sprout results.

Unlike print advertising, you have total control over every detail of your digital click ads. That control allows you to make changes on the fly from your phone or computer—whenever and wherever you want.

This also means you can tend to whichever trends are in season. That way, you’re taking control of your advertising and cultivating it for optimal results.

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2. Timed for Maximum Sunshine

Some plants bloom for the moon, while others thrive under the sunshine. With digital ads, you might realize some of your keywords behave the same way.

With pay-per-click advertising services, you can time it so your ads show at the best possible time. That way, you’re optimizing your results and cutting back on wasted spend.

Unlike print ads, PPC ads also display while people are searching for your product or service.

That means they’re already in research mode and potentially ready to buy.

This perfect timing allows you to take advantage of the buyer’s journey. Your PPC ads will blossom into view based on a person’s keyword searches, previous interests, or buying habits.

As a result, you’re timing it right and helping your company blossom, too!

3. PPC Fertilizes Your SEO

Like sunshine and spring showers, PPC and SEO partner up to make the most of your advertising efforts. Together, they can help illuminate your company and help you shine in front of potential customers.

Your search engine optimization depends on content that appears relevant to your target audience. With pay-per-click advertising services, you can create campaigns that feature these same keywords.

As you attract traffic to these pages, Google will recognize your content as a relevant resource for your target audience.

This will boost your SEO ranking for these pages, so you appear higher in search results.

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4. Dig into Targeting

Print materials such as billboards and flyers display to just about anyone—whether or not they’re your ideal customer.

With PPC pay-per-click ads, on the other hand, you can dig into the targeting settings. That way, your ads only display to the people most likely to buy your product or service.

These settings include demographics such as age, gender, household income, and more. You can also target based on previous search keywords, topics, and the website pages someone visited.

When you dig that deep, you can show your ads to the people most likely to become a customer. That way, you’re saving money and boosting sales.

5. Rooted to Your Business Goals

According to a survey, 45 percent of small businesses use pay-per-click advertising services for their advertising. These small businesses are able to align their PPC campaigns with their personal business goals.

For example, a restaurant would want to produce more foot traffic and improve their brand awareness. A flower shop, on the other hand, might want more online purchases or phone calls.

With PPC, you can cultivate your campaigns to achieve specific goals.

That way, your campaigns are rooted with these goals and blossom the results you’re aiming for.

6. Branding Blooms

Rain or shine, your PPC ads display online to attract website visitors. That means more people are seeing your content, company name, logo, and your overall brand.

The more often someone sees your brand, the more likely they are to remember it.

Unlike a flyer, which people might glance at and toss away, PPC ads stick around. That way, you can plant the idea they should choose your company into their minds.

Eventually, this will bear fruit in sales and brand loyalty, helping your company grow.

7. Thriving Conversions

Since PPC ads display when people are in the mood to make a purchase, they’re also optimized for conversions.

Using dedicated landing pages and strong ad language, you can lead potential customers toward a form or your online shop.

Then, you can watch leads blossom into a bouquet-worth of sales. Now that’s flower power.

8. Watch It Blossom

It’s not enough just to let your campaigns soak up sunlight and grow on their own. They need a little tending to from time to time.

With PPC, you can study the results of your campaigns. That way, you can make smart, informed decisions.

Then, you can adjust campaign settings so they’re optimized for more results.

9. Nutrient-Rich ROI

Instead of blowing your advertising budget on flyers that may or may not lead to sales, pay-per-click advertising services help you rake in leads.

When you optimize these campaigns for the most results, you’re also improving your return on investment. That way, your spending your budget where it matters most.

10. Weed Out the Competition

With PPC campaigns, you can get in front of customers before competitors can.

That way, customers see—and choose—your company first. Once your ads reach the top of the page, your company will also appear credible, making you an authority in your industry.

Then you can weed out the competition and help your company thrive.

Spring into Action with the Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

With these 10 benefits of pay-per-click advertising services, you can uproot opportunities and help your company bloom. Watch those leads sprout and conversions blossoms with an effective PPC strategy!

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