Call Only Ads With Ad Extensions

Call only ads with ad extensions can give your business a competitive edge.

Google AdWords recently introduced an upgrade to their popular call-only ads with the goal of generating more calls from mobile search.  Now ad extensions can be used to promote even more relevant information about your products and services.

This can help generate more phone calls from mobile search and help increase conversions.  Google went on to state: “In early experiments, we’ve found that implementing new extensions to call-only ads can improve clickthrough rate by 10% on average,”

The following extensions are now available to use with call-only ads:

  • Location extensions – highlight information about your nearby business locations for customers who want to visit your store in person.
  • Callout extensions – promote unique offers and benefits, such as 24-hour call center service.
  • Structured snippets – provide more specific details about your products and services using predefined headers like “Destinations” and “ Types”.

Here’s a link that explains more about Google’s call only ads options and best practices for setting up and optimizing your call only campaign and call only ad extensions:


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