PPC advertising’s on the rise! 84% of marketers feel good about the success of their PPC campaigns. This is a 4% increase from the previous year.

PPC is changing, as well, as the Internet continues to evolve and adapt to the ways we live our lives. PPC’s traditional channels have remained relatively constant over the past years.

The industries taking advantage of PPC are shifting, however, as Retail and Education surpassed Automotive and Home Improvement from the previous year.

If you’re new to PPC and are just learning the ropes, we’ve put together a guide with everything you need to know about White Label PPC.

Everything You Need To Know About White Label PPC

In case you’re new to white label PPC, we’ll start off by defining our terminology. Then we’ll get into how you can master your PPC advertising campaigns for maximum ROI.

What Is White Label PPC?

Have you ever seen a company advertising PPC services? These are white label PPC.

White label PPC services are advertising services that a B2B business can buy, rebrand, and resell for their own marketing activities. White label PPC services can include PPC campaigns, generating reports, and consultancy services.

White label PPC services can be useful for both business owners as well as digital marketing agencies. White label PPC can be a major blessing for digital marketing services that are looking to expand without having to hire additional staff.

Considering that ‘cutting costs’ is the most common reason for companies to outsourcing business, this is an attractive feature of white label PPC.

Why Do People Use White Label PPC?

White label PPC services give small businesses and digital marketing agencies a chance to grow without having to outlay a ton of capital. It also lets you focus on more important tasks while still guaranteeing results.

45% of entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed and stressed. There’s already so much to know about starting and growing a business, especially when you’re first starting out. Businesses that are just starting out might face employee limitations, as well.

Considering how quickly digital marketing evolves, it’s more than a full-time job to keep up with just one of its branches, let alone the entire root system.

SEO, SEM, social media, and inbound marketing are all necessary for a business to be successful. This is triply true if you’re using the Internet for business in any way, which is most of us at this point.  

That’s not even mentioning marketing agencies who also need to master each of these disciplines to remain competitive in today’s digital marketing economy.

White label PPC gives marketing agencies the opportunity to take on bigger clients and continue to grow while mastering cutting-edge marketing techniques at the same time.

How White Label PPC Can Help Your Business Grow

Whether you’re a business owner or own a marketing agency, white label PPC can help you grow and expand in a variety of ways. Here are a few of them.

Conquest Campaigns

All is fair in love, war, and digital marketing. Can we really be expected to not take advantage of every tool, tip, trick, and technique at our disposal, especially when we’re promoting an exceptional product?

One of the most powerful aspects of digital marketing is we don’t need to recreate the wheel with each new marketing campaign.

Conquest campaigns are PPC ads targeting your competitors’ audience. When someone goes to one of your competitor’s websites, they’ll see your ads. A white label PPC company can even keep track of where that audience is located to deliver your ads at the optimal time.

Which brings us to our next point…


You’ve most likely seen the statistic that 50% of consumers looking up a product or service on mobile will visit a storefront within 24 hours. Local search continues to rise, year after year.

Geotargeted PPC campaigns are incredibly powerful for capturing your local audience and making them loyal customers.

Measurable Metrics

Marketing is both an art and a science.

The artistic side requires understanding your customers and their unique psychology, giving you an insight into how to solve their actual problems. “Soft” scientific terms like “a hunch” or “a feeling” don’t translate well to the C-Suite, however, especially when there can be large sums of money riding on such subjective stimuli.

For marketing to truly be effective, it must be measurable and repeatable. After all, you’ve got to get a clear picture of your industry to truly understand your business’ place in it.

PPC campaigns can be a veritable goldmine for actionable insights. White label PPC services know not only what metrics to keep track of, but also how to go about getting them. It’s like pairing data science with depth psychology, but even more powerful.

ROI Reports

As business owners and digital marketers, we often have humanitarian or idealistic goals for why we do what we do. Maybe you want to make the world a better place by reducing world hunger. Or perhaps you just want to give people a better carrot peeler.

Ideals don’t translate to investors, sadly. Your investors simply want to know about the bottom line.

Proving ROI is one of the trickiest things about justifying digital marketing. This is particularly true with the extended buyer’s cycle.

Customers are taking more steps than ever before making a purchase. While things like brand awareness and thought leadership are invaluable, in the long-run, investors can be notoriously short-sighted when it comes to their wallets.

White label PPC services not only know how to keep track of pertinent metrics, but they also know which ones are most relevant. A clear-cut, easily understandable chart showing clicks, conversions, and impressions is reason enough to solicit a white label PPC company.

White label PPC is a simple way for you to get ahead in the digital economy while still letting you focus on what’s most important – building your business, making sure your customers are satisfied, and delivering an outstanding service!

Are You Looking To Grow Your Digital Business?

As business owners and digital marketers, we often have to wear so many hats it can give you a headache.

One moment you’re an SEO expert, the next you’re handling HR. This is not an efficient way to do business.

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