PPC Management Checklist

Overview of Our Process

Google Ads Management Checklist

Our focus is on helping our clients save time and improve their Google Ads & Bing Ads advertising results.  We do this by strategically setting up and managing your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, bids, and much more based on relevance, search volume, and results.

We manage your PPC advertising on a bi-weekly basis, which gives us time to gather data and analyze the impact of any adjustments.  We also look at your account from both a short term and long term perspective.

From a simplistic, high-level approach, we do more of what is working and less of what is not.  That means optimizing for results, whether that is conversions, phone calls, click-thru rates, quality scores, and more.

We know from experience that a PPC campaign that is strategically set up and managed based on best practices can help increase conversions, reduce wasted cost, and save you time. Here’s a link to a helpful article we wrote on how to make money with PPC.


Expert Campaign Setup


Focused on relevance & search volume


Best Practices PPC Management


Conversion Bid Optimization


Ad Optimization


Geographic Targeting Optimization


Search Term Report Optimization

Checklist of Things We Do to Optimize Your Google Ads & Bing Ads

  • Review & Optimize Campaign Settings
  • Review & Optimize Location Settings
  • Review & Optimize Mobile Bid Adjustments
  • Remove Any Low-Quality Score Keywords
  • Pause Any Non-Converting Keywords With Higher Spend
  • Move Low Score Keywords Into Other Ad Groups to Try To Improve Quality Scores
  • Label All Converting Keywords & Phone Call Conversions
  • Review & Optimize Bids, Prioritizing Converting Keywords & Calls
  • Review & Optimize Search Terms Report
  • Add Good Converting Keywords
  • Add Negative Keywords From Search Terms Report
  • Review Ad Groups & Add Relevant Keywords With Search Volume
  • Pause Any Duplicate Keywords
  • Pause High Cost Per Conversion Keywords
  • Manage Any Automated Bid Rules
  • Review & Optimize Ads
  • Pause Low Click Thru Rate Ads
  • Pause Higher Spend, Non- Converting Ads
  • Write New Ads Based On Best Performing Ads

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Additional Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of effective and results-focused internet marketing options including landing page design, website design, SEO (search engine optimization, local business optimization, click fraud protection, and more.

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Click Fraud Protection

Our click fraud protection service can help save you money, reduce invalid clicks, reduce competitors clicking on your Google Ads, and help stop bots from clicking on your PPC ads.

Local Business SEO

Market your business in the local / map sections of Google, Bing, and other main search engines & internet directories.  Optimize user reviews, manage your business listing, and more with our local SEO program.

Landing Page Design

Our landing page design service can help you improve your PPC advertising results and increase conversions.  A quality landing page is imperative in good Google Ads & Bing Ads results.


Optimize your website for better organic rankings and more organic (free) traffic with our SEO programs.  Increase consumer confidence and reduce paid advertising costs by optimizing your site including adding quality content on a regular basis and link building.

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