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Google Ads Management Services

We’ve specialized in Google AdWords management since 2010 and have managed millions in advertising revenue for businesses. Our focus has always been on strategic management and results-focused Google AdWords management for our clients.

Our prices for Google Ads management are very affordable, with management services starting as low as $350 per month, with no setup fees and no long-term contracts. Our Google Ads management (formerly Google AdWords management) is a comprehensive service that includes keyword research, comprehensive account and campaign setup, including strategic targeting optimization, ad group setup, keyword setup, negative keyword setup, writing of ads, optimizing keyword bids, optimizing keyword search terms report and much more in your AdWords account on a bi-weekly basis.

Pay Per Click Authority (owned and operated by Internet Expert Online) is a U.S.-based Google Ads Partner that is A+ rated with the BBB.

You work directly with an experienced and knowledgeable Google Ads management specialist with over 10 years of expertise in strategic Google AdWords optimization and digital marketing expertise for small businesses.

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Results Focused Google Ads Management

Affordable PPC Management

Small Business PPC Management

We manage our client’s Google Ads campaigns with a focus on relevance, search volume, and your goals and budget.  We strongly believe that the destination (your website or landing page) is critical to your results and success with Google Ads.

It’s important that your site loads quickly. You can test your site’s load time by using industry tools such as Google Page Speed Insightsor GT Metrix. If your site loads slowly, you compress your images (assuming your site is a WordPress site) with tools such as Smush and use a good caching program such as WP Rocket.

Grow Your Small Businses
Having a good hosting program for your website, such as SiteGround, is also a critical component to your website loading quickly.  If none of this speeds up your site’s load time, you can hire a third-party site speed optimization service such as WP Faster.

It’s also important that your site looks good on a mobile device and is mobile-friendly. You can check your site with Google’s mobile-friendly test

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Improve results
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Affordable, Effective PPC Management Programs

We specialize in affordable and effective internet marketing solutions for small business.

Google Ads

Management Service

$350/ per month
or 8% of total account spend, whichever is greater.

Professional Google Ads Management 

Bi-Weekly Management

No Setup Fees

Results Focused Management

Monitoring & Optimization

Call Us At 720-600-0515

Microsoft Ads

Management Service

$350/ per month or 8% of total
account spend, whichever is greater.

Professional Microsoft Ads Management

Bi-Weekly Management

No Setup-Fees

Results Focused Management

Monitoring & Optimization

Call Us At 720-600-0515

PCC Management

Google Ads & Microsoft Ads (Bing)


$575/ per month or 8% of total account spend, whichever is greater.

Professional PPC Management

Bi-Weekly Google & Bing Management

No Set-Up Fees

Results-Focused Management

Monitoring & Optimization

Call Us At 720-600-0515

Click Fraud

Protection Service

$60/ per month

Top Rated Google Ads Click Fraud Protection

Reduces Click Fraud Costs

Saves You Money

Advanced Blocking Features

Run A More Efficient Campaign

Call Us At 720-600-0515

High-Quality, Affordable
Google Ads Management Service

Why Use Our Google AdWords Management Services?

To really have success with your Google AdWords management service, it’s important that your keywords, ads, and landing page focus on your unique selling proposition. What makes your service (or product) unique or special? You need a clear, concise message and also confidence factors, such as client testimonials, professional associations your business belongs to, awards you’ve won, etc.

It can also help with your PPC campaign to provide something of value, such as an informative free report relating to your product or service. All of the above can help improve conversion rates with your Google Ads advertising and our management service.

We do offer landing page design, web design, SEO, click fraud protection in conjunction with our Google AdWords management service.

Here’s a few helpful links that may help with your Google Ads advertising:

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  3. Create successful search campaigns
  4. Google Ads best practices

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Our AdWords management service is focused on results.

Frustrated with your lack of results? Not happy with the service your Google Ads management company is providing? Google Ads is an extremely powerful marketing tool, but it’s not magic. However, it can’t fix a struggling business.  If you’ve spent money on Google Ads and are not getting a return on investment, then it’s time to try our Google AdWords management service.

We specialize in affordable PPC management and have managed thousands of paid Google Ads campaigns for small businesses. We build and optimize our client’s PPC advertising with a focus on increasing leads and boosting conversions. 

Contact Pay Per Click Authority for a free consultation, free Google Ads account evaluation, free landing page analysis, free SEO website analysis, and more.

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