Did you know that, according to SmallBizGenius, Google paid ads can increase brand awareness by 80%? Additionally, the ROI rate of paid advertising is 200%, with every dollar spent returning two dollars. PPC advertising also has 50% more conversion than the organic advertising option. Considering these statistics, any small business owner needs to master their PPC ad strategy successfully. This is where PPC management can be incredibly effective.

If you’re a small business owner who’s looking for a PPC management company, you might be stressed about the cost and finding one that’s the right fit for your business.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll cover how you can find amazingly affordable PPC management, and how your PPC ads can be as effective as possible. Read on to learn more.

The Best Choice for PPC Management

If you’re looking for a PPC management agency or company, the best choice is PayPerClickAuthority. This is because we’re a small agency that offers the best type of service, we have a high BBB rating, we have many services available, and other reasons.

We’re a Small Agency

As a small agency, we can provide personal service. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from reviewing your PPC goals, creating the PPC ads, and providing you with PPC campaign management once the campaign begins.

Additionally, because of our size, we can provide responsive service. If you ever have any questions, we’ll be there to answer them.

A High BBB Rating

Our Better Business Bureau rating is A+, the highest available. This means that we have received between 97 and 100 out of 100 total points when it comes to our ability to answer complaints, resolve complaints, and have a lower complaint volume.

Additionally, there are fewer complaint resolution delays than those of businesses with a lower rating.

To learn more about why our high BBB rating is so impressive, check out how the BBB gives points on different business elements here.

Many Services Are Available

At PayPerClickAuthority, we offer many services including PPC management, affordable PPC management, Bing Ads management, Google Ads management, white label PPC management, white label Bing Ads management, and white label Google Ads management.

Whatever services you need, we can serve your needs and ensure that you increase awareness of your business’s brand as a result.

Affordable Prices

When it comes to our PPC management services, you get high-quality services at an affordable price. While many of our competitors might require setup fees, we don’t. Additionally, we don’t have any long-term contracts, which means you’ll pay only while you’re using our services.

Partnerships With Important Players in the PPC Management World

We also have partnerships with important players in the PPC management world. For one thing, we’re a Google partner, which means your Google PPC ads will be more effective when we run these campaigns for you.

We’re also a Microsoft Partner, so if you want to create Bing PPC ads, we’re a great choice.

We Wrote a Book on Google AdWords Management

We wrote a book on Google AdWords management. So if you want to work with a business that’s the absolute expert when it comes to Google AdWords, choose us. We have a book that shows we understand this topic in-depth.

What You Should Look For in a PPC Management Provider

When you’re researching PPC management providers that are affordable, you should look for experience, PPC certifications, results, the right analytics strategies, constant monitoring of your PPC campaigns, creative solutions for re-working your old material, and more.


Whether you’re looking for e-commerce PPC management or another type of PPC management, you need a PPC management company that has a large amount of experience. Ensure they’ve been around a long time and serve many types of clients.

This is important because they’ll have many creative ways of helping your business, as they know how to serve clients with many different budgets and needs.

This will make it more likely that the PPC management services you receive will be customized to suit your business.

PPC Certifications

There are so many types of PPC management, such as Amazon PPC management, so how do you know if a potential PPC management company is capable of managing the specific type or types of PPC campaign needs you have?

This is where PPC certifications come in handy. This demonstrates that the company has the required knowledge and expertise to run your campaign effectively.

For example, if a company has a Google AdWords certification, they’ve had to pass the AdWords program available through Google.

This requires the company to answer hundreds of questions regarding successful campaign management strategies, the AdWords platform, and display and search advertising.


When you’re comparing different PPC management provider options, something else you should look for is results. Ask the providers for specific click-through rates for clients in different industries and details on ROI percentages.

Even if they can’t provide the names of the specific clients, they should be able to provide evidence that their results are incredibly effective.

The Right Analytics Strategies

PPC management isn’t just about putting together a great set of ads and creating a campaign. To improve the effectiveness of the campaign, it’s necessary to test it out, using analytics to find out how successful it is and improving it to make it even more effective.

So when you’re choosing the best PPC management provider for your business, ask them about what analytics software solutions they use.

Additionally, ask them about their approach to improving campaigns once they have this data available.

You should also look out for conversion tracking. A PPC management company should do this by studying revenue attribution, call tracking, and more.

It’s also helpful to work with a PPC management company that can present this information to you and help you understand it and the changes they make as a result.

This way, you’ll have awareness of how well your campaigns are doing and how they’ll be improved.

Constant Monitoring

When you handle your PPC management yourself, one of the biggest challenges is being able to stay on top of the campaign. Sure, you can create your campaign, but how do you ensure that it’s performing as you want it to?

One of the benefits of hiring a PCC management company is that you’re passing over this responsibility to the company that manages your campaign.

So when you’re searching for a PPC management company, choose one that will constantly monitor your campaigns. They should do this daily, and it’s great if they send you updates every day, too.

Creative Solutions for Re-Working Your Old Material

If you’ve attempted to do your own PPC marketing in the past, you might think that your old material isn’t that great. Maybe you looked at it and didn’t think it would be an effective PPC ad after all, or your campaign wasn’t successful once you ran it.

However, your old material might actually have some potential for success. A PPC management company might be able to take it and transform it into part of an effective PPC campaign.

By working with a company that’s open to doing this, you get three benefits.

First of all, they’ll be using the material you already created, which can be good for the morale of your team if they worked hard on creating it.

Second, this is a sign that the company is good at coming up with creative solutions, which is always something you should look for when choosing the right PPC management company.

Third, this can also help keep your costs down. Because you’ve already done some of the work, this solution will cost you less than starting from scratch.

Frequent and Easy Communication

When you’re working with a PPC management company, the communication should be frequent. They should send you updates on how your campaigns are doing regularly and answer any questions you have as soon as possible.

This way, you’ll know that your PPC campaigns are working just like you want them to.

It’s also important that communication between you and the company is easy. After all, you’re working on creative digital marketing solutions together.

If it’s difficult for you to feel heard when you’re providing the company with your vision for your PPC ads or your brand, you might not end up with a PPC campaign that works for your business.

For these reasons, pay attention to how the PPC management company communicates with you even before you’ve hired them.

How helpful are they when you ask questions on the phone? How quickly do they answer your emails? When you discuss your needs before starting to work together, how open are they to discussing your ideas?

All this should give you an idea as to whether the PPC management company has a communication style that’s frequent and easy.

Help With Landing Pages

Sometimes, a PPC campaign might not be unsuccessful because of the size of your budget or the keywords you choose. Sometimes, the problem might actually be a result of landing pages that are not properly optimized to be effective.

When this occurs, the issue might be that you need to tweak the metadata or keywords on the landing pages, making it easier for customers to find your website.

In addition to being important for PPC, having effective landing pages is also important for SEO. So if you’re having issues in these areas of your website, you definitely want to address them.

For this reason, it can be smart to choose a PPC management company that will also help you with your landing pages.

This is also a more holistic approach since the PPC ads are directly related to the landing pages they lead customers to.

They Set Goals

When you’re working with a PPC management company, they should understand the results you want and which goals you need to reach to get those results. Additionally, they should update you on whether these goals are met or not.

If the goals aren’t met, they should come up with solutions that make it more likely that they’ll be met on the next attempt.

So when you’re speaking with different PPC management companies you’re considering, ask them what their strategies are when it comes to goal-setting and coming up with solutions if these goals aren’t met.

They Should Allow You to Keep Everything

A good PPC management company should allow you to keep everything, such as AdWords accounts, landing pages, and creative assets. This way, if you decide to switch providers, you’ll still have access to all this, so you won’t have to start all over again with your PPC campaigns.

They Are Transparent

When you’re working with a PPC management company, you should ensure that they’re transparent regarding all aspects of your PPC campaigns. Google instructs partners they have to share all performance metrics and costs of all the Google ad campaigns they run.

The best way for you to be able to have access to this information is by maintaining complete administrative ownership over your account, even when a PPC management company is running your campaigns.

Additionally, the PPC management company should provide you with information regarding all the performance indicators, costs, landing pages, and ad accounts related to your campaign or campaigns.

Looking for a PPC Management Services Company?

Now that you’ve learned about how to find amazingly affordable PPC management services, you might be looking for a PPC management services company. In this case, look no further than PayPerClickAuthority. We’re the best choice available.

We started our business back in 2010, and our focus has always been on providing PPC management services that are affordable to small businesses.

To learn more about how we can help you, schedule an appointment with us now.