Business owners today don’t have the time or skill to handle their own digital marketing. That’s why they hire your agency.

But if they’re unable to find your services, then your agency will undoubtedly fail. It’s not uncommon for digital marketing agencies to hire white label PPC advertising services for this reason.

In doing so, you can help generate leads and streamline your agency’s growth. But if you’re not familiar with white label services or whether it’s right for your agency, then continue reading.

Then let’s take a closer look.

What is White Label PPC?

In a nutshell, white label is a term used for any service that a business purchases and resells as their own. In this case, white label PPC is a white label advertising service, which is popularly used by B2B companies.

The services may include consultancy services, PPC campaigns, and reports. The great thing about it is that you’re providing the service and not actually doing the work. The white label service is the provider of the PPC advertising service.

So it’s not uncommon for agencies to purchase white-label PPC services.

Grow Your Agency with White Label PPC Services

A lot of business owners don’t have the time to handle their own marketing so they hire agencies. This is done for their social media, content marketing, and even PPC advertising. If you’re able to provide them with all the services they need, chances are they’ll hire you over competitors who can’t.

However, the only way they’re going to hire you is if they can find your company in the search results. And since SEO can take months to generate traffic, you can use PPC advertising to get near-instant results.

In this instance, you have three choices — hire a contractor, do it yourself, or purchase a white label PPC service. The issue with doing it yourself is that you have to dish out a lot of money to pay an expert (or team) to handle your campaigns.

This can get expensive, especially for smaller agencies with less manpower. What you do want is a provider that’s consistent and can deliver results over the holidays and weekends when most take time off.

Unfortunately, contractors aren’t available around the clock and calendar. They take off weekends, holidays, and are limited in manpower. They’re a one-man show.

You don’t have this issue with white label service providers. This is because there are a group of people working on your campaigns. This allows your campaign to run strong and generate the most leads possible.

Next, let’s take a look at the benefits of using white label PPC.

Implement Conquest Campaigns

Every business has competitors. So why not target their customers in your PPC campaigns? This is possible using programmatic and geo-location ad targeting.

Certain white label search engine marketing services offer this. What this does is deliver ads to your prospects at the right time. It does this by showcasing ads to consumers who are nearby, past customers, or customers of competitors.

For instance, if your target audience went to a competitors’ website, you can serve them your ads.

Keep Track of Metrics that Matter

As a digital marketing agency, you know it’s important to track data that’s not going to help boost your ROI. In any form of marketing, you need to follow metrics to determine if your campaigns are excelling or failing.

But it’s not always easy to identify which metrics are important and what they actually mean. When using white label services for PPC, you can ensure the right metrics are being tracked and used to improve your ad campaigns.

Generate ROI Reports

One of the most important aspects of marketing is having the ability to generate a report that details what’s working and what’s not. If you’re going to start a PPC marketing campaign, then you need to create detailed reports. This way you can measure the performance of the strategies being implemented.

Some of the data you’ll want in the report include impressions, clicks, and conversions.

It should also detail what it means in an easy to understand manner. With some white label services, PPC reports are automatically delivered to your inbox.

Get Access to Industry Tools

Buying all the tools needed to properly manage your PPC campaigns can get expensive. For instance, you’ll need an analytics reporting platform, call tracking software, PPC management suites, and so on.

You don’t have to worry about this with a white label agency. The price you pay to them will cover all the necessary tools required for the job.

But is it Profitable?

Investing in white label services sounds great, but what do you get in return? Of course, it all comes down to their pricing models and advertising strategy.

When you hire the right provider, you’ll get a steady flow of leads that can more than pay for the cost of the white label service.

In most cases, you should be able to see results within the first month to know whether or not that provider is a good fit for you.

It does help to know that your white label services are predictable, which allows you to plan your budget ahead. They have fixed prices so you never have any surprise bills.

You Own Your PPC Campaigns

Once you’re done using a white label service, all the work performed by the provider is transferred to you. You get to keep all of your ad campaigns and continue paying Google, Bing, and Yahoo to run them.

The only thing you pay the white label for is their PPC management service.

Finding a White Label PPC Service

Now that you see all the benefits associated with white label PPC, it’s time to find a service provider. There are several options out there, but not all are equal.

It’s best to go with a firm that’s experienced and offers rates that suit your budget. This is exactly what you’ll find here at Pay Per Click Authority. We offer white label PPC management and a variety of other PPC services. Contact us today to learn more!