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Businesses that service a local geographic area can greatly benefit from our local PPC management. This service helps businesses serving a local area effectively reach potential customers that are actively searching on Google for a provider for their needs, be it a service or a product. We can help you get your ads to appear on Google in the top spots on the first page, and promote your business to users in your local area.

This form of local PPC advertising (PPC stands for pay per click) can be highly effective, as your ads will appear on Google when a user searches in your geographical target area. Once the user completes their search on Google, your ad may be eligible to show, and once the user clicks on your ad, it sends them to your landing page on your website.

Here’s how local PPC management can work for your local business. Imagine that you own a plumbing company and you want to increase your hot water tank replacement service in Boise, Idaho. We would set up a campaign (an advertising objective with its own budget) and target the Boise area. We would then set up an ad group for hot water heater replacement with ads stating that “we replace hot water tanks” etc. Once the user does a search on Google and sees your ad, they then click on your ad and go to a landing page that is all about hot water tank replacement in Boise, Idaho. Your chances of getting a new customer then depend on the quality of your landing page and the specifics of your business. This form of local PPC management or local Google Ads management can be a highly effective way to grow your local business.

Because so many people use Google when they want to find a product or service, it’s become one of the most effective ways to advertise your business. PPC advertising is an effective way to bid on keywords and pay for clicks, which point to your website. In a way, local PPC advertising has replaced the Yellow Pages. The advantage to a local business is that it’s a very flexible form of advertising that is also trackable, so you can see how many people see your ad, how many users click on your ad and even how many users convert (commit an action you want, such as filling out a contact form or calling your business).

The challenge with advertising on Google is that it is very competitive (you are bidding against other advertisers) and somewhat complicated. If you are not well-versed in how Google Ads advertising works, you could potentially waste your advertising dollar and not get the results you are looking for.

This is why many businesses outsource their local PPC management to a Google Partner that is experienced and knowledgeable in local PPC management. Many businesses find this saves them time, improves their results, reduces inefficient advertising costs, and gives them a competitive edge. Many small businesses don’t have the time, knowledge, or interest in managing and optimizing their paid Google advertising. Partially because Google Ads is somewhat complex and always seems to be changing. Part of the problem is the default keyword match type for Google Ads is broad match, which tends to show your ads for irrelevant searches. This can waste your advertising dollar and reduce your results. While Google has recently attempted to make their Google Ad platform more automated, in effect they are taking away control from the advertisers. So to a degree, they made local PPC management less effective for the business owner.

It’s similar to filing your taxes. Maybe you can figure out how to file your personal taxes, but normally business taxes are more intricate and often require professional assistance. This is where outsourcing your local PPC management needs to an experienced professional like Pay Per Click Authority can make sense.

We have specialized in affordable PPC management since 2010. Many of our clients are small businesses that focus on their local geographic area and want new leads and sales. They know that advertising on Google can be an effective way to grow their small business, but don’t have the time or interest in setting up and managing their Google Ads paid advertising. Many of these businesses understand that advertising on Google is competitive and not always easy to get real results.

Our goal with our local PPC management service is to get our client’s leads and sales. So our focus is on reaching potential buyers who are actively searching on Google for your services in your geographic area. You set a daily budget, which is flexible. You can decrease or increase your budget, pause your ads, can your ads, adjust the focus, and much more. We strategically setup up and manage your local PPC advertising. You own the Google Ads account and keep the work we do. Everything is transparent, so you keep all the work we do. You pay Google for the advertising costs, you pay us to strategically optimize your advertising.

For some service businesses, Google also offers its Local Services Ads program, which is focused on guaranteed phone calls. Businesses need to qualify for this program and provide detailed information to Google about their business. If you want to know more about this form of local PPC advertising, you’ll need to contact Google directly at 1-833-272-1444.

Our services for local businesses are mainly focused on Google Ads management, SEO, website design, landing page design, and more. Have questions about our local PPC management? Contact us directly at 720-600-0515 for personal, knowledgeable help.




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