The number of smartphone users has exceeded six billion at the beginning of 2022. That means over 83% of the global population already owns smartphones, and that number is expected to grow even bigger. 

Most people prefer to use their smartphones for online browsing and shopping. For this reason, it’s imperative that businesses optimize their ads for mobile. Your trusted Google ads management specialists share how you can do that:

Upgrade to Expanded Text Ads

It’s not just that most people prefer mobile devices. It’s also that Google has upgraded its text ads to expand, that is, to fit more information into the same space as before. To use this feature, you’ll need to create extended text ads.

Google has provided an easy-to-follow guide on how to do this. While you can use this tool for basic text ad creation, you may still want to hire professional help to do it, especially if your account needs extensive or complicated optimization.

Make Sure to Add the Right Ad Extensions for Mobile

Ad extensions are those additional pieces of information you can include in your ads. They should enhance your ads, satisfying your customers’ queries driving them to click and convert.

Consider adding Mobile app install ad extensions in your campaign. This provides important information to searchers, including app names, screenshots, and categories. But if you expect too many mobile searchers, you can also add the Responsive Display Ad extension. This lets you adjust your ads to meet the expectations of searchers no matter what kind of device they use.

Write Effective Content for Mobile Ads

When creating your ads for a mobile audience, write it for mobile. Write it for mobile AND desktop. Make your ad text readable on both devices, and you’ll be in a better position to attract the most customers.

Make sure that you’ve included the following in your ad text:

  • A strong CTA
  • A clear description of what your business does
  • A description of your offer
  • An incentive for the user (even for the desktop ad)
  • A short, clear headline

Headlines should be short and descriptive, so you can include your business name, your service, and the offer itself.

Consider adding an image to bring your ad to life. This will not only hold the user’s attention, but it will also help you to adopt a more human tone.

Use a Landing Page Matching Your Ad

Use landing pages that are mobile-optimized and that match your ad. By using this, you avoid having the user click on your ad and landing on a different webpage altogether. This disconnect may well lead to a “dead-end” for your ad and a possible lost business.

You can avoid this by using responsive landing pages, which automatically accommodate different screen sizes of smartphones and other devices.

Don’t forget to include the right information on your landing page. Focus on an enticing description of your product or business, a short and clear offer, a clear CTA, and call-to-actions that are easy to follow.


Mobile is already the preferred option for most people, especially when browsing and shopping online. Businesses that don’t want to lose out on potential customers should do their best to optimize their ads for mobile devices. To do this, make sure that you follow the tips above. An expert Google ads management company can help ensure that you’re doing your ads right.

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