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Pay-per-click management services are our specialty at Pay Per Click Authority. 

We strongly believe that effective pay-per-click management services can help your business attract new prospects, increase qualified leads and increase sales.

Pay per click, which is often referred to as PPC or in its simplest form, Google Ads, can be a fast and effective way to get your paid ads on the first page of Google or Bing (Microsoft Ads). 

Pay per click is a form of internet marketing, or paid internet advertising where the advertiser pays each time a user clicks on their ad. It’s a form of advertising that enables an advertiser to “buy” their way to the first page of Google, or other search engines like Bing, and drive “qualified” traffic to their website. It also allows advertisers to control their message (ads) and decide where the users go once they click on their ad. Sounds simple enough but in reality pay per click like Google Ads can be complex and competitive. That’s why many small businesses have turned to pay-per-click management companies like Pay Per Click Authority.

Pay per click management services focus on your paid internet advertising being strategic and focused, and your PPC advertising being effectively managed based on the data, including conversions, quality scores, click-thru rates, and much more. If you are not going to use a professional pay per click management service, then it would be a smart idea to take some basic Google Ads training, and starting with Google Ads search training and certification is a great foundation to have: 

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Consider this: there are @ 246 million Google users in the United States. So reaching users on Google is a good option for many small businesses that want to market their products or services on the internet.

And while getting your website to rank on the first page of Google organically (SEO) can be very effective, it’s also very competitive and can take time and resources with no guarantees. Thus the reason so many businesses continue to use Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is mainly because:

  1. It can increase leads and customers – you can reach potential customers who are actively searching in your geographic target area, at the time when they are searching and most likely looking to make a purchase. You can send them to a section or landing page of your website that talks about the services or products that they are searching for.  For example, let’s say your company offers hot water heater sales and installation. When a homeowner’s hot water heater breaks, they go to Google and search for hot water heater sales and installation. They see your ad that talks about your services, fast installation, competitive prices, etc., and click on your ad. If your landing page answers their questions, is relevant to their needs, and emphasizes how you can solve their problem, your business has a good chance of getting a new customer and making money for your pay-per-click advertising.
  2. It’s flexible – PPC advertising is flexible in that you can control your advertising spend, when the ads run, where they run, you can stop the advertising anytime you want or increase your budget. You can track results (how many users see your ads, click on your ads, phone calls, and conversions) which is why many businesses use pay per click management services. 
  3. Fast results – PPC advertising is fast, in that you can get your ads on the first page of Google (or Bing) quickly and start driving qualified traffic (users) to your website or landing page. Whereas SEO (search engine optimization) can take time with no guarantees on results. The problem with PPC advertising has grown increasingly complex and competitive. To try to help make things easier, Google and Microsoft Ads have been trying to move advertising to a more automated form of paid advertising using artificial intelligence and giving the advertisers less control over their paid ads. This is another advantage of using pay-per-click management services, as an experienced PPC manager will be knowledgeable and experienced in strategically managing your paid advertising.

A good pay per click management service can help you strategically setup up your PPC campaigns, and effectively manage them, based on the data and results. And then manage your pay per click advertising on a regular basis to improve results and improve results. An analogy would be hiring a professional like a CPA, a plumber, attorney, or electrician. You could learn some of these skills yourself, but often you can save time and get better results. Most small business owners are so busy running the day to day operations of their business that they don’t have the time or interest in learning and managing their PPC advertising, and the automated options that Google and Bing offer take away lots of the control that a good pay per click management services can provide.

Pay Per Click Authority offers affordable, results-focused pay-per-click management services.

We specialize in small business PPC management. Our prices are affordable and our service is personal and responsive. We keep our overhead low and pass on the savings to our clients. So you get affordable PPC services from a company that has specialized in pay-per-click management services since 2010.

Our pay-per-click management service has no setup fees, no cancellation fees, and is on a month-to-month basis. You pay Google (or Bing) for the cost of the advertising, and you pay us to professionally manage your PPC advertising. Everything is transparent, so you own the account and keep the work we do. Our prices for Google Ads management start at $350 per month, and for comprehensive PPC management services (Google, Bing & Yahoo) start at $550 per month.

We focus on helping our clients run PPC advertising campaigns that are results-focused and strategic, with a focus on relevance and search volume. In other words, reaching the right people in the right geographical area actively searching for our products or services.

And emphasizing your unique selling proposition, so once they click on your paid ad, and go to your website, you should have a good chance of gaining a new customer.

So when considering pay per click management services, you have a few directions to decide on. First, are you going to manage your PPC advertising yourself or outsource your needs to a PPC agency? Certainly, you can manage your Google Ads or Microsoft Ads specialist yourself.

First and foremost, Google and Microsoft are good at spending your money and possibly wasting your advertising dollars. It’s important to not just open a Google Ads or Microsoft Ads account, and start advertising. Note that for new advertisers, you have a few simplified options. One would be to reach out to Google or Microsoft and ask for help. In many cases, they will give new advertisers some initial help, including setting up your account for you and even managing your account for a few months. The great thing about this option is that it is complimentary. The negative aspect of this is that you are not getting personalized service and for the most part, their approach is to target more broad keywords, which can waste your advertising budget and generate irrelevant keywords searches and clicks. Another disadvantage can be that one the initial help has expired, you may not really know any more about managing your PPC advertising. 

Another option is to use Google’s (or Bing’s) automated managing process which leverages artificial intelligence.  These smart campaigns can make PPC advertising easy and don’t require the advertiser to know much about the process or to spend time managing their advertising. The negative aspect is that the advertiser gives up control and is giving the system control of your PPC advertising. 

Instead of the above options, our recommendation would be to either learn how to manage your PPC advertising yourself or to hire a pay per click management service. Let’s talk about the first option. The advantage of managing your PPC advertising yourself is that you have complete control and you’ll save money by not having to pay for your pay per click management services.

Here’s a few things to consider when hiring a PPC specialist. 1) Do you want to hire an agency that is based in the United States or overseas? In general, a US based agency will have PPC managers whose primary language is English. There are advantages to this, as not only will they spark and write easily understandable American English, but they may be easier to communicate with. 2) Would you prefer to hire a pay per click management service that is based overseas? One of the main advantages of this is that their prices may be less expensive than a US based PPC agency, as typically labor and operating expenses are cheaper in India, The Philippines, and other countries overseas. Sometimes you can find a PPC management expert that is a digital nomad, so their primary language is American English, but they live in a foreign country for personal reasons. Since COVID-19, we’ve seen more Americans relocate to Europe and other countries, as they are able to work remotely.

Are you going to use one of the larger pay per click management companies or work with a smaller agency? The advantages of a larger PPC management agency are they may have well-established processes in place, a larger team for support, and more visually attractive reports and user dashboards, etc. Additionally, they may have a vast array of clients that they have managed, etc. In general pay per click management services of a larger, more established company are going to be more expensive, as they have the overhead of employees, employee benefits, office space, advertising, and more. In general, you most likely will be working with an employee that may or may not really care about your business paid advertising results. Often employees come and go, or are reassigned to new accounts based on the needs of the agency and not the client. We’re a Google Partner and typically they will rotate Agency accounts to a new representative every quarter, so you never have consistency with their support.

Pay per click management services can be more cost-effective and more personal by working with a smaller agency or individual that specializes in affordable PPC management. Usually, the costs for a smaller PPC management agent are lower, as they can work with lower overhead. You may also receive a more personal experience and have your account managed by a Google Ads management expert.

Regardless of the direction you choose, it’s important to choose a PPC management agency that is a Google Partner and Microsoft Partner. You’ll want to make sure that you own the account and will keep the work that is done for your pay per click management services.

It’s also a smart idea for your business to pay directly for the cost of the advertising and to pay the agency only for their pay per click management services. Some will charge a setup fee, which can range from $500 to $1,500 or more. These are normally a one time fee to research and set up your account. You may also find that some pay per click management companies will have an initial contract or commitment of three or more months. In general, we do not recommend working with a PPC management agency that has long-term contracts.

Keep in mind that when doing PPC advertising, the destination is critical to your results and success. So once a user clicks on your paid ads and goes to your landing page or website, that has a major impact on your results and conversions. Your landing page needs to load quickly, look good on a mobile device, have a strong call to action and focus on your services or products unique selling proposition, which is why your services (or products) are better, more unique, etc and why the user should take the next step in the process, be in call your business, submit a contact form or place an order. Having confidence factors such as customer testimonials, associations your company belongs to and more, can also be helpful in improving results. Keep in mind that users probably don’t know your business, so you’ve got to have strong landing pages that relate to the keywords you are advertising on. Relevance and search volume are two critical components to effective PPC advertising results.

Pay Per Click Authority has specialized in affordable PPC management since 2010. We are owned and operated by Internet Expert Online, and are a Google Partner, Microsoft Partner and A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau. Our prices are among the most competitive in the industry, with no setup fees and no long term contracts. You own the account and keep all the work we do. Our work is transparent and we provide you with comprehensive account reports at the end of every 30 day cycle. Your PPC advertising is professionally managed on a bi-weekly basis by a PPC management specialist with over 10 years of experience in managing Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts. You get personal, responsive service and results focused pay per click management services. 

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What our clients say

We are so greatful for the wonderful client reviews we’ve received over the years. Below are client testimonials from business and agency owners we’ve have the privilage of working with over the years.

Mathew Hall, TruFIT Customs

Steve is great to work with! He works hard and cares about his clients. This service is a great find for any business looking for a great google ad manager. I definitely recommend!

Jon Jonis, Mountain Air Cardio

Steve was crazy-fast at optimizing my Google Ads. Clearly knew exactly what he was doing and how to get good results. I’d definitely recommend his services to anyone needing to get their ads performing properly.

Matt Sanchez, Nehlsen Communications

Not only is Steve valuable in his knowledge, but he is one of the rare businessmen to value the importance of response. Steve is always quick to respond with any questions. He is thorough, listens and truly cares about his work.

I would highly recommend working with this company.

Kyle F. Lester, CPA, PC

Steve is simply the best. He is super knowledgeable and he is always available. And…. most importantly, he has been a major contributor to the growth of my law and accounting practices. I recommend Steve without reservation.

Michael Fuchs, dataBridge

I have worked with Steve for several years and he is extremely knowledgeable, has a very fast response time and knows how to tune PPC for ROI better than anyone else. I’ve referred him to many colleagues and friends and they are all very satisfied with his abilities.

Michael Ennis, Affordable Powertrain

Professional, diligent, courteous and blazing fast results. I was in a pickle and Steve literally bailed me out. Do you ever get an invoice you’re happy to pay? This was one. And, this is a one stop shop! Thank you Steve!

Vito Labbate, Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing

As a newbie to the world of PPC and internet advertising
i could’nt believe our good fortune to have found Steve and his company.

He immediately got us results and over a year later we are killing it.
Thanks Steve keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas Webb, Leader Logic

I’ve worked with so many other google advertising experts and this was the first time we received predictable results. We are so happy with his great work.

Ron Phillips, Phil's Service

We are very pleased with the service received from Internet Expert Online. They are smart, responsive to our needs, and we get the best bang for the buck!

Erika Luitjens, Stonecrest Financial

They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with.  I highly recommend them.

Anthony Wurst, Pest Control Company

We started working with Steven in June of 2018. He has reduced our CPC by 25% and brought our incoming leads up by around 10%. Great job, Steven! Highly recommended.

Michael Ross, Mike's Pro Detailing

Hi there I am Mike and I own a Mobile Detailing company. I just recently hired Pay Per Click Authority for his services. My impression so far Steve is top notch. Very professional, hard working and great work very knowledgeable. I look forward to the future. I will most definitely let people know about this company. Oh 1 more thing I forgot to mention very affordable pricing.

Mohammad Hussaini, Business Owner

I must preface that I seldom write reviews of any sort. However, the time, professionalism and expertise Steve has provided to our company has compelled me to do so.

If you are very fortunate, along the journey of business, you will come across rare gems of people who will go above and beyond to help you achieve success. Who don’t look at minutes and hours but rather look at the destination and how to reach it.

Steve is amongst the best in the business of advertising and his personality and character accentuate his expertise to provide superb solutions to meet your marketing challenges.

Mark Fleischman, Network Resources

Steven has managed our business Adwords campaigns for more than a year and are very happy with the results. He is very responsive, accommodating and professional. He has provided excellent service and support! Mark Hansen, Network Resources, Inc.

Jamin Pollack, Business Owner

I can highly recommend Steve from first hand experience. I found him via searching on google and that can be a nightmare as the two people I worked with previously to him failed miserably. Steve took our marketing campaign, he made it top priority and re-launched it and improved it meticulously. The number speak for themselves, we went from spending $800 per month for zero calls to $500 per months to currently a call each day which is difficult to get in our market where the average ticket is approx. $500. Lifetime value of a customer is thousands to tens of thousands so the ROI is incredible. He’s very responsive to every question and all our needs, there wasn’t one E-mail or text that wasn’t answered or resolved within hours. I will only refer people who make my life easier and make my business money and I can definitely say Steve has done this.

Brent Werbeck, Business Owner

Quick service. Immediate results. Amazing value. What more could you ask for? It is hard to know who you can trust in this arena – you can 100% trust this team will deliver. The owner is incredibly responsive and delivers on his word – often ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to take their AdWords to the next level.

Robert Dedich, Business Owner

Incredibly helpful, prompt, and knowledgeable. My business would be nowhere near as successful without him. He is very responsive. I am well pleased with the service and recommend him highly.

Chris Snellgrove, Business Owner

Excellent service all the way around. From effective communications to effective execution, Internet Expert Online gets the job done in a timely and impressive fashion. Thank you for helping me out with my SEM objectives.


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