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We specialize in affordable, effective, results focused pay per click management for small businesses. We can save you time, improve results, increase leads and sales.


Want better PPC results?

We can help!  We’re experts in pay per click management.  We help our client’s improve results, save time and gain a competitive advantage with their Google Ads & Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising).

Our prices are affordable and our service is personal and responsive.  Our goal is to help you improve results & save time.

Want better Google Ads results ? Talk with a PPC management expert now about pay per click advertising.  Get a free Google Ads evaluation, including valuable ideas to improve your results.

Talk with a PPC management experts about your Google Ads & Bing Ads advertising.

Get a free Google Ads campaign evaluation, including ideas to improve your results.


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PPC Management Specialist

We specialize in effective, affordable Google Ads management & Bing Ads management for small business.  We can help you save time, improve results and increase conversions.

We’re Google Partners, Bing Ads Partners & A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau.  We’re certified in both Google Ads & Bing Ads management.

Since 2010, we’ve specialized in Google Ads & Bing Ads management.  We are located in Boulder Colorado and all our work is done in house.  You get personal, knowledgeable PPC managemenet service at lower prices.

Expert PPC Management

Since 2010, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses improve their results, save time and money.

Affordable PPC Management

Our prices are affordable, with no setup or cancellation fees.
We offer affordable, month to month PPC management

Why Our PPC Management Service Is Your Best Choice

Affordable PPC Management

Our PPC management service is affordable.  There are no start up fees, no cancellation fees, and no long term contracts.  Our Google Ads management prices start at $330 per month or 8% of total account spend, whichever is greater.  Comprehensive PPC management (Google & Bing/Yahoo) are slightly higher.

Experts In PPC Management

Since 2010, PayPerClickAuthority.com has specialized in effective Google Ads management & Bing Ads management.  We’re Google Partners, Bing Ads Professionals & author of the book “Google AdWords: Better Results in 30 Days”.  We’re A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and have helped hundreds of businesses save time, improve results and gain a competitive advantage with their PPC advertising.

Results Focused PPC Management

We’re focused on results.  Our goal is to help you improve results with your PPC advertising, whether that be more leads or sales.  We manage your Google Ads & Bings Ads campaigns based on best practices, with a focus on relevance and search volume.  We even offer landing page design service and web design service, to help you improve results with your PPC advertising.

Personal, Responsive Service

Your Google Ads & Bings Ads accounts are professionally setup and individually managed by Steve Pitt, an expert in PPC management.  You get personal, responsive service from an experienced PPC manager that is certified in Google Ads & Bing Ads.  We professionally manage your PPC advertising on a bi-weekly basis (except our starter package), you own the account and keep all the work we do.

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PPC Management


We keep our overhead low and pass on the savings to our client’s.  All work is done in the United States by an experienced PPC management specialist.  There is no setup fee and no cancellation fees or long term agreements.

Here’s What Our Client’s Say About Us

“Excellent service all the way around. From effective communications to effective execution, Internet Expert Online gets the job done in a timely and impressive fashion. Thank you for helping me out with my SEM objectives.

Chris Snellgrove

Owner / President, Digital Media Nation

“I have worked with Steve for several years and he is extremely knowledgeable, has a very fast response time and knows how to tune PPC for ROI better than anyone else. I’ve referred him to many colleagues and friends and they are all very satisfied with his abilities.”

Michael Fuchs

President / Owner, dataBridge

“We’ve seen significant improvement after using their service.”

Erick Rommel

Marketing Director, Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore

“Quick service. Immediate results. Amazing value. What more could you ask for? It is hard to know who you can trust in this arena – you can 100% trust this team will deliver. The owner is incredibly responsive and delivers on his word – often ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to take their AdWords to the next level.”

Brent Werbeck

Owner / President, Local Business Ally

“Professional, diligent, courteous and blazing fast results. I was in a pickle and Steve literally bailed me out. Do you ever get an invoice you’re happy to pay? This was one. And, this is a one stop shop! Thank you Steve!”

Michael Ennis

Owner / President, Transfer Case Shop

“They are very accessible if I need anything. With their expertise, I get real results. I would recommend their service to anyone.”

Greg Cassidey

Owner / President, Maintenance Free Window

“Steve is simply the best. He is super knowledgeable and he is always available. And…. most importantly, he has been a major contributor to the growth of my law and accounting practices. I recommend Steve without reservation.”

Kyle Lester

Owner / President, Kyle F. Lester, CPA

“They are extremely knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with.  I highly recommend them.”

Erika Luitjens

Marketing Director, Stonecrest Financial

“We started working with Steven in June of 2018. He has reduced our CPC by 25% and brought our incoming leads up by around 10%. Great job, Steven! Highly recommended.”

Tony Wurst

Owner / President, Dominion Pest Control

“As a newbie to the world of PPC and internet advertising, i couldn’t believe our good fortune to have found Steve and his company. He immediately got us results and over a year later we are killing it. Thanks Steve, keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!”

Vito Labbate

General Manager, Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing

“I recommend this company to anyone not familiar on how to use Google Ads or doesn’t have the time to maintain the ads.”

Macy John

Marketing Director, SB Productions

“Incredibly helpful, prompt, and knowledgeable. My business would be nowhere near as successful without him. He is very responsive. I am well pleased with the service and recommend him highly.”

Robert Dedich

President, New Direction Hypnosis

Effective, Proven PPC Management Results

Our goal is to help you improve your pay per click advertising results, save time and gain a competitive advantage.
Below are actual results we’ve achieved for some of our client’s.  Note that each client is unique and different, and results are not guaranteed.

This client is an attorney that had used another agency before turning to us for help with their Google Ads advertising.  By revising their campaign and implementing strategic best practices, we were able to substanially improve their results.

This client is a pest control service that wanted better results with their Google Ads campaign.  We were able to help them signifigantly improve results by strategically managing their PPC advertising.

Here’s an e-commerce client that we were able to help increase sales thru strategic Google Ads optimization, with a focus on relevance and search volume.

Your landing page or web site is critical to good pay per click advertising results.  We designed a new landing page for this client and re-vamped their Google Ads campaigns, increasing conversions and reducing cost per conversion.

We were able to substantially improve this client’s Google Ads results after the first 30 days of managing their PPC advertising.  Very impressive results in a short time frame.

Talk With A Pay Per Click Management Specialist

Let’s talk about your business and how we can help you improve your PPC advertising results.

Free Google Ads Consultation

Talk with an experienced pay per click management specialist about your business and your marketing goals.

Free Google Ads Account Evaluation

We’ll review your Google Ads campaigns, help you understand where your doing well and identify any areas where you could improve your PPC advertising results.

Free Landing Page Evaluation

Your landing page (or website) is critical to achieving good results with you pay per click advertising.  We’ll analyze your landing page, and provide specific ideas to help you improve results.

Free Business Listing Scan

Find out how your business is listed across major search engines like Google, Bing, Yelp, YP.com and others. See if there’s any errors with your business listing and find out how to correct them.

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Here’s some commingly asked questions and answers

Is there a setup or cancellation fee?

We don’t charge a setup fee and there’s no cancellation fee. We ask that you give us a minimium of 3 months to manage your account, but it’s not required.

Do I own the account?

You own the account (Google Ads, Bing Ads) and keep all the work we do.  You pay Google (or Bing) for your advertising costs, you pay us to professionally setup and strategically manage your campaigns.

How often will you work on my account?

We manage client’s accounts on a bi-weekly basis (every two weeks).  In the early stages, we’ll be in your account more often, making strategic adjustments and monitoring results.

What kind of reports will I get?

At the end of every 30 day cycle, we’ll send you comprehensive PPC reports, including a campaign overview report, ad group report, keyword report and change history report.  All reports are pulled directly from your Google Ads & Bing Ads accounts.

Who will be managing my account?

Steve Pitt is the owner of Internet Expert Online & PayPerClickAuthority.com.  Since 2010, Steve has specialized in Google Ads management and Bing Ads management. He personally setups and manages all client campaigns.

Do you guarantee results?

Our goal is to help you improve results, increase conversions and reduce wasteful spending. However, we can’t guarantee results.  We do guarantee a professional campaign setup based on best practices with a focus on relevance and search volume.  We also guarantee that your campaigns will be professionally managed on a bi-weekly basis.  You can view case studies and client results here.

How do I get started?

First, we’d like to talk with you about your business, your goals and what your are trying to achieve.  Next, we’d like to conduct a complimentary evaluation / analysis of your Google Ads (or Bing Ads) campaigns, to get a clearer picture of the work that needs to be done, and how we can best help you.  Third, we’ll send you a straight-forward PPC management agreement, and get you account in a work flow schedule.

Have questions?  Let’s talk

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