When it comes to marketing your business, people usually think there are two ways to get people to your website. You can develop an SEO strategy, which naturally rises your website in search engine’s rankings to drive more traffic. Or, you can pay Google or anyone else to place your product in a designated space.

What most people don’t realize is that your marketing strategy shouldn’t be a battle between SEO vs Adwords. Instead, your PPC and SEO strategies should work in conjunction with one another. They go hand in hand and make up for each other’s differences.

When you develop marketing strategies that include SEO and PPC, your overall marketing campaign is more successful.

Keep reading below to learn some ways to integrate your SEO and PPC campaigns for better overall marketing.

1. PPC Can Test Keywords for Future SEO Strategies

When you purchase a spot for advertisements, you’re not just spreading awareness about your business. You’re getting a chance to review what keywords drives clicks to your website.

When you put together a PPC campaign, make sure to plan to experiment a bit with your newly acquired advertising space. Try using different keywords, then compare how each one performs. This way, you’ll get a better outlook on which keywords to use for your SEO campaign.

2. Don’t Think of It As SEO vs Adwords

Before developing different campaigns though, you should go in with a different perspective than just SEO or PPC. Instead, you need to look at your marketing campaign as a bunch of moving parts, working together.

You should approach marketing your business with the outlook that SEO and AdWords go hand-in-hand. Then, you will be able to strategize more effectively after understanding neither SEO or Adwords work independently of each other.

3. After Testing Your Keywords, Test Your Copy

After you test potential keywords with your PPC marketing, you should also test your overall copy. People will be driven to certain parts of your website through paid advertising–you should try to drive them to your copy. When you do that, you will get data such as engagement time and after exploring your website, you may be able to gauge your ROI on paid ad space.

With this data, you will be able to survey the nitty-gritty details of your copy. You will be able to gauge whether it compels people to explore your website or whether it nets you a higher click-through rate.

4. Know Your Competition With PPC Reports

When considering purchasing ad space, you will be able to collect many different kinds of data. You don’t just need to use this data to determine whether or not the ad space is worth the purchase. You can also use it to glean who your competition is, and what they may be trying to do.

By getting a chance to look at impression shares, overlap rates, and top of page rates, you can know who you’re competing against. You can also use this data to tailor your SEO keywords and strategies.

5. Seasons Change for Keywords

You can’t keep using the same keywords throughout the year. The effectiveness of different keywords changes depending on their seasonality. The term “Christmas” is more effective in November and December than “Fourth of July,” for example.

You can purchase PPC space to keep an eye on the effectiveness of keywords. If you notice a word you’ve been using for a while is suddenly attracting fewer people, it may be time to change it.

6. Create Better PPC Through Your SEO

Since SEO and PPC advertising feeds into each other, you can improve your PPC advertising through your SEO. It doesn’t only work the other way around!

First, you should drive people to blog posts and different content on your website. Then, you can watch your users behavior to see what they naturally gravitate toward. After figuring out what naturally attracts people, you can use that information to better design your PPC strategies.

7. Your Data With Both Feeds Back To Your Overall Marketing

There is more to a marketing campaign than your SEO and PPC traffic. It should include images, infographics, videos, and so much more–all of which need to be designed for your audience. However, you need data about your audience to tailor your content for them.

SEO and PPC campaigns can simultaneously drive your audience’s growth, which collecting data about it. The data you get from SEO and Adwords can help you create more powerful videos and images that your marketing needs!

8. Use PPC To Drive Blog Post Traffic

One trick you can do to effectively use ad space is using it to attract attention to your SEO. Rather than explicitly selling a product, you can use PPC to drive people to your blogs. After people land on your branded content, they may be naturally influenced into purchasing from you.

9. Campaign To Take Control Of Your Brand

There is one final thing that PPC and SEO work together to affect, and that’s the most important part of your entire marketing. PPC and SEO affect your brand–they shape how people think about your company.

While this may be intimidating, it offers you a chance to take control of your overall brand. Though PPC content, you can ignite a curiosity about what your company is. Then, with your SEO content, you can satisfy that curiosity in whatever way you want, giving you complete control over your brand.

10. Then Campaign To Take Control of Your Market

Finally, your PPC and SEO work together to take control of your entire market. Once you get big enough, you can shape how people think about your whole field. For example, if you’re a local construction company, you can change how people think about construction in your area through your marketing.

You do this by advertising your policies and core missions. By selling your team and your ideals, rather than your products, people start to associate those things with the entire market.

Don’t Think SEO vs Adwords, Think SEO And Adwords

Segmenting your marketing strategy between SEO vs Adwords is a good way to ensure it isn’t successful. The two go hand in hand. Relying on exclusively one means you will never reach your marketing campaign’s full potential.

The best marketing strategies include SEO and PPC–not one or the other!

However, PPC can be less familiar to most people. SEO is about developing content, while PPC is about making numbers work. They’re two different mindsets, and getting the best from both can require two different people.

Contact us, and we will make sure you get the most out of your PPC campaign. We work diligently and draw from years of experience to ensure that you get the traffic you deserve!