According to Statista, the revenue for digital advertising is $34,902 million. Of this, the largest segment for marketing spend is search advertising strategies, such as PPC.

Also known as pay-per-click, PPC allows companies to target their ideal customers while they searching for a product or service. That means you can bypass all the wasted ad spend and focus on advertising when it matters most. 

With more companies making the move towards search advertising, it’s important you don’t fall behind.

Otherwise, your competitors are probably capturing your potential customers before you even can.

With these 10 PPC advertisement trends, you can turn your next campaign into a stellar success!

1. Aim for Audiences

Many first-time marketers set up their campaigns based on the keywords their target audience is searching for.

Why not skip right past the keywords and aim straight for your audience instead?

As the first of our PPC advertisement trends, choosing audiences over keywords can help you target your ideal customers without being too picky.

While keyword-based PPC strategies are by no means dead, aiming for audiences can help you use more layered targeting. That way, you’re targeting the customers who are more likely to purchase from your company—without making the parameters too broad.

This also cuts down on wasted spend. 

You can also use a combination keyword and audience strategy to get more specific about your audience and what they’re searching for. 

Check out this guide to learn more about the basics of PPC. That way, you can slay your campaigns from start to finish!

2. The Machine and AI Take Over

The latest updates to Google’s algorithms have already allowed more PPC marketers to use machine learning and artificial intelligence.

These two PPC advertisement trends give marketers a helping hand when it comes to targeting customers. Instead of second-guessing your strategies, built-in automation features will make sure you’re not missing out.

These smart features will help you optimize your campaigns to reach more customers while cutting down on ad spend. That way, you can improve your cost-per-acquisition without toying around with settings.

With machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can cut down on trial and error and let the machines do the heavy lifting. 

This also allows companies to take a break from their marketing to focus on customers instead. 

While these strategies are still in development, machine recommendations can help set your company up for success in 2019 and beyond. 

3. Vamp Up Videos

If you’re not implementing video marketing into your PPC strategies, you’re missing out on a big way to interact with customers. 

Adding videos to your PPC campaigns can help your ads stand out. They also increase your placements online. That way, your ads reach out to even more customers. 

The cost per view for video ads is also extremely low. This allows more companies to cut their advertising costs. That way, you can spend more of your annual marketing budget elsewhere!

Like text ads, you can also use audience and keyword targeting for these video ads. As a result, you can keep focused on reaching the people most likely to become a customer. 

4. Voice Activated

More people are spending time speaking to Siri, Alexa, and Google. 

With increased use in these search assistants, more marketers are also prioritizing voice search elements with their PPC campaigns. 

While there isn’t a direct way to set up your PPC ads for voice search (yet!), marketers are still responding to this trend. Optimizing your PPC campaigns for voice searches can help ensure you don’t miss out on potential customers. 

5. Automated Awesomeness

You’re busy running your business. Instead of sitting at a computer every day trying to fix up your campaigns, Google and Facebook are now offering more dynamic and automated options. 

Instead of running split tests and shifting money around, your PPC campaigns will automatically make adjustments. That way, you get the best possible results without stressing out. 

6. More for Mobile 

According to Forbes, 54 percent of all online sales will be completed on mobile devices by 2021.

To respond to the ongoing trend of the online customer’s mobile-preference, Google has started prioritizing mobile devices, too. This includes using mobile-friendly websites to determine search engine rankings—and PPC ad quality scores, too. 

To make the most out of mobile, more companies are adding call-only ads to their campaigns.

This allows customers to call straight from the ad. That way, they don’t waste time searching through your website (and you get an immediate conversion). 

7. Build Up the Brand

Companies are so focused on making a sale that they forget about their customers. 

By focusing on your brand throughout your PPC campaigns, you can build brand loyalty and brand awareness. Adding more display ads can help give searchers a visual to associate with your company, too. 

That way, they think about you when they need your product or service (instead of a competitor).

8. Reeve Up Remarketing

With remarketing, you can display ads to an audience of previous website visitors. This brings them back to your website, so you have a second chance to make a sale).

9. Revamp Existing Ads

Your old ad language might slow the success of your campaigns. 

Mix it up with responsive ads, extended text ads, and multiple versions of your descriptions. That way, you have multiple chances to entice searchers towards your website.

It’s also important to have more than one ad for each ad group to mix it up. 

10. Prep for New Features

Google and Facebook are constantly changing their algorithms. If you fall behind with the latest features, you’re missing out on new opportunities. 

While it’s important to optimize your campaigns from the start, don’t forget to make changes regularly. 

That way, you’re constantly making improvements to your PPC campaigns.

Set for Success: 10 PPC Advertisement Trends

With these 10 PPC advertisement trends, you can make the most of your digital marketing campaigns in 2019. These ads can help you reach out to new customers, boost sales, and drop your return on investment.

That way, you’re building your business without blowing your ad spend for the year. 

Set your own business up for success by exploring the rest of our PPC blog today!