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The Problem

Click fraud can waste your money and eat up your advertising budget. Even though Google tries to filter out click fraud, malicious competitors can waste your valuable advertising budget.



Competitors & Bots

Competitors, Bots, and Click Farms can deplete your Google Ads budget, destroying your conversion rate and wasting your spending. Our advanced click fraud protection service can help prevent click fraud from wasting your advertising budget.


The Solution

Our award-winning automated click fraud protection service helps stop click fraud & protect your budget from click fraud. 

It’s easy to use, powerful and affordable, with no setup or cancellation fees. Just a low monthly payment of $50.00

Clickease Protection

We use ClickCease, which is a leader in click fraud protection.  Because we’re an agency, we can offer this program to our clients at a lower price.  Contact us directly to sign up and we’ll even help with the configuration of your click protection program.  You’ll also get monthly reports, so you can see the results.

According to Click Cease,” click fraud can waste up to 20% of an advertisers budget. Our click fraud protection software can exclude invalid IP addresses and block invalid clicks from competitors, bots, and more.

Competitors and bots can click on your ads and waste your advertising budget.

Our advanced click fraud protection works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our automated systems can detect and prevent click fraud with amazing accuracy – saving you up to 30% of your Google Ads & Bing Ads spend.


Below is a copy of the email I receieved from ClickCease, indication my invalid click rate was reduced by almost 10%

Your anti click fraud campaign is off to a great start!
It’s been only 14 days since you started protecting with ClickCease and already there has been a massive improvement with your campaign:

Invalid Click Rate – Has come down -9.62% (from 71.23% to 64.38%)
This is awesome! ??? Why? This usually means that your attackers can not see your ads and they now produce less clicks on your ads!

* Comparing to the 14 days before you joined ClickCease.


Google Ads Click Fraud Protection

Our automated click fraud protection service uses advanced AI to monitor your ads in real-time, analyzing each click, and using the data from millions of clicks to determine if the click is legitimate or fraudulent. Thanks to our ever-growing database of anonymous clicks our AI works with such accuracy you could even call it magic.

Google Ads Click Fraud Protection

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Stop Click Fraud Before It Happens
Automatically Blocks PPC Click Fraud
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 24/7 Click fraud protection
  • Real-Time IP Blocking
  • Unlimited Clicks Protected
  • Industry-Specific Detection Rules
  • Machine Learning algorithms to learn about new fraud patterns
  • Global CDN to ensure 100% service uptime

It depends on your industry. From our experience with existing clients, we see that over 90% of them save money when using Click Cease. In less competitive industries such as health and nonprofit organizations, the rate of fraudulent clicks is lower than more competitive industries, such as eCommerce, lead generation sites, locksmith, lawyers, etc, all of which tend to have a significantly higher than average rate of fraudulent clicks.

How much exactly? We have seen cases of people saving 70% (Locksmith, August 2017), with the average being 10%-20% of all AdWords spend being saved.


Google takes some steps towards blocking click fraud, but only the most basic types of attacks.

For example, if a competitor is clicking your ads hundreds of times from the same PC on the same IP address then Google will detect this and refund your clicks. However, Google will only provide you with a credit for the amount spent on fraudulent clicks after 60 days – it will not block the fraud permanently and it will still use up your monthly budget!

Plus, Google does not detect the more advanced forms of click fraud. As a specialist fraud detection platform, this is where we come in. 100% of our resources are aimed at stopping and identifying fraud, and our fraud detection process is much more thorough than Google’s.


Almost instantly. Once someone (is they a real user, bot, or fraudster) clicks on your ad they are passed through our “intake funnel”. This allows us to store all the information that we use to determine if a user is fraudulent or not.

We then analyze this data to determine if the click was fraudulent or not. If it was, the IP address is then added to your blocklist.

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