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Talented PPC Management Agency

We can help you grow your business, get more leads and more effectively market your business.

Google Ads Management Expert

We can help you improve your Google Ads results, increase conversions and reduce wasted ad spend.

We can help you save time and run a smarter, more effective, and results-focused advertising campaign.

Microsoft Ads Management

We can help you effectively advertise your business on Bing and effectively reach users that are not searching on Google.

Because Bing is the default search engine on Windows computers, if you are not advertising on Bing, you are missing opportunities to reach potential customers.

Website & Landing Page Design

It’s critical that your website or landing page is designed for effective PPC management. To get the best results, your site needs to look great, have strong calls to action, confidence factors, and inspire prospects to take the new step.

We design great-looking websites and landing pages that are affordable and results-focused.


Results Focused Services

Our goal is to help our clients get the best results. We care about our clients and their results. Our knowledge and experience in internet marketing and PPC management give your company a competitive advantage.

Affordable Prices

Our prices are among the most competitive in the United States. We keep our overhead low and pass on the savings to our clients. Our prices for Google Ads management are only $375 per month and NO long-term contracts. There’s no catches or hidden fees.

Personal, Responsive Service

We value your business and we appreciate the privilege to serve you. Your account is peronally managed by an industry expert with over 30 years experience in advertising and internet marketing for small businesses.

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Google Ads Evaluation

Have your current Google Ads account evaluated for free by an industry expert with over 14 years of PPC management experience.

Landing Page Evaluation

Have your landing page or website reviewed by an internet marketing specialist. Get specific ideas to improve performance and results.

SEO Evaluation

Free SEO evaluation of your website. See where your site ranks organically and what issues your site could use some help with.

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Get our free, informative guide “5 Keys to PPC Advertising Success”

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Results Focused Google Ads Management

Affordable PPC Management

Small Business PPC Management

Save time, improve results, gain a competitive edge with our affordable Google Ads management service.

Your pay-per-click advertising will be strategically managed and optimized with the goal of helping you increase leads and conversions.

At Pay Per Click Authority, our goal is to help your business
get the best out of your internet marketing dollar.

Save time
Improve results
Personal, responsive service
Knowledgeable & experienced
Grow Your Small Businses

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Affordable Google Ads Managment

We specialize in affordable, results-focused Google Ads management for small businesses. Our prices start at $375 per month to manage your Google Ads account on a bi-monthly basis.

You own the account, you keep the work we do. You pay Google for the advertising, you pay us to manage your Google Ads campaigns.  Our goal is to help you improve results, increase conversions, phone calls, and sales.

Expert Google Ads Management

You get result-focused, affordable Google Ads management. You work directly with a knowledgeable and experienced pay-per-click management expert with over a decade of full-time Google Ads management experience. We’re located in Jacksonville, FL and you will work directly with your consultant. Our service is friendly and responsive.
Your business is important to us!

Our goal is to help you improve your Google Ads results, increase conversions and phone calls, and reduce inefficient ad spending.

Your Google Ads account will be professionally set up and strategically managed on a
bi-weekly basis by a Google Ads management expert.

Small Business Google Ads Experts

We know small businesses.
We understand how important getting new leads and sales are to your business. We know most small businesses don’t have deep pockets for advertising and don’t have the time to manage their paid Google advertising effectively.

We can help! We specialize in affordable Google Ads (and Bing Ads) management for small businesses. We keep our overhead low and pass on the savings to our clients.

Contact us now for a free Google Ads consultation and a free evaluation of your current Google Ads account by a Google Partner.

Effective Internet Marketing Solutions

We offer effective and affordable small business internet marketing programs, from PPC management, SEO, Facebook Ads management, landing page design, website design, and more.

Our focus is to help you improve your internet marketing results, save you time, and make more money. We treat our clients fairly and honestly. We value the opportunity to work with you and to help you more effectively market your business on the web.

Why Choose Us

We’re different by design. We’re NOT a big agency. You don’t deal with salespeople or customer service people that are overseas. We don’t have big overhead or big profit margins.

We are a small, personal internet marketing agency that is owned and operated by the owner, Steve Pitt. With over 30 years of advertising and marketing experience in helping small businesses effectively advertise their business on the internet.

Your account is personally managed by an industry expert and our prices are among the lowest in the United States.

We treat our clients fairly and honestly. We do our best to help our clients save time, improve results, leads and sales.  All at fair and affordable prices.


What our clients say

We are so greatful for the wonderful client reviews we’ve received over the years. Below are client testimonials from business and agency owners we’ve have the privilage of working with over the years.

Mathew Hall, TruFIT Customs

Steve is great to work with! He works hard and cares about his clients. This service is a great find for any business looking for a great google ad manager. I definitely recommend!

Jon Jonis, Mountain Air Cardio

Steve was crazy-fast at optimizing my Google Ads. Clearly knew exactly what he was doing and how to get good results. I’d definitely recommend his services to anyone needing to get their ads performing properly.

Matt Sanchez, Nehlsen Communications

Not only is Steve valuable in his knowledge, but he is one of the rare businessmen to value the importance of response. Steve is always quick to respond with any questions. He is thorough, listens and truly cares about his work.

I would highly recommend working with this company.

Kyle F. Lester, CPA, PC

Steve is simply the best. He is super knowledgeable and he is always available. And…. most importantly, he has been a major contributor to the growth of my law and accounting practices. I recommend Steve without reservation.

Michael Fuchs, dataBridge

I have worked with Steve for several years and he is extremely knowledgeable, has a very fast response time and knows how to tune PPC for ROI better than anyone else. I’ve referred him to many colleagues and friends and they are all very satisfied with his abilities.

Michael Ennis, Affordable Powertrain

Professional, diligent, courteous and blazing fast results. I was in a pickle and Steve literally bailed me out. Do you ever get an invoice you’re happy to pay? This was one. And, this is a one stop shop! Thank you Steve!

Vito Labbate, Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing

As a newbie to the world of PPC and internet advertising
i could’nt believe our good fortune to have found Steve and his company.

He immediately got us results and over a year later we are killing it.
Thanks Steve keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas Webb, Leader Logic

I’ve worked with so many other google advertising experts and this was the first time we received predictable results. We are so happy with his great work.

Ron Phillips, Phil's Service

We are very pleased with the service received from Internet Expert Online. They are smart, responsive to our needs, and we get the best bang for the buck!

Erika Luitjens, Stonecrest Financial

They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with.  I highly recommend them.

Anthony Wurst, Pest Control Company

We started working with Steven in June of 2018. He has reduced our CPC by 25% and brought our incoming leads up by around 10%. Great job, Steven! Highly recommended.

Michael Ross, Mike's Pro Detailing

Hi there I am Mike and I own a Mobile Detailing company. I just recently hired Pay Per Click Authority for his services. My impression so far Steve is top notch. Very professional, hard working and great work very knowledgeable. I look forward to the future. I will most definitely let people know about this company. Oh 1 more thing I forgot to mention very affordable pricing.

Mohammad Hussaini, Business Owner

I must preface that I seldom write reviews of any sort. However, the time, professionalism and expertise Steve has provided to our company has compelled me to do so.

If you are very fortunate, along the journey of business, you will come across rare gems of people who will go above and beyond to help you achieve success. Who don’t look at minutes and hours but rather look at the destination and how to reach it.

Steve is amongst the best in the business of advertising and his personality and character accentuate his expertise to provide superb solutions to meet your marketing challenges.

Mark Fleischman, Network Resources

Steven has managed our business Adwords campaigns for more than a year and are very happy with the results. He is very responsive, accommodating and professional. He has provided excellent service and support! Mark Hansen, Network Resources, Inc.

Jamin Pollack, Business Owner

I can highly recommend Steve from first hand experience. I found him via searching on google and that can be a nightmare as the two people I worked with previously to him failed miserably. Steve took our marketing campaign, he made it top priority and re-launched it and improved it meticulously. The number speak for themselves, we went from spending $800 per month for zero calls to $500 per months to currently a call each day which is difficult to get in our market where the average ticket is approx. $500. Lifetime value of a customer is thousands to tens of thousands so the ROI is incredible. He’s very responsive to every question and all our needs, there wasn’t one E-mail or text that wasn’t answered or resolved within hours. I will only refer people who make my life easier and make my business money and I can definitely say Steve has done this.

Brent Werbeck, Business Owner

Quick service. Immediate results. Amazing value. What more could you ask for? It is hard to know who you can trust in this arena – you can 100% trust this team will deliver. The owner is incredibly responsive and delivers on his word – often ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to take their AdWords to the next level.

Robert Dedich, Business Owner

Incredibly helpful, prompt, and knowledgeable. My business would be nowhere near as successful without him. He is very responsive. I am well pleased with the service and recommend him highly.

Chris Snellgrove, Business Owner

Excellent service all the way around. From effective communications to effective execution, Internet Expert Online gets the job done in a timely and impressive fashion. Thank you for helping me out with my SEM objectives.

Julieta Herrera

Steve has helped us out so much with getting our business up and going! We couldn’t have done this ourselves. To be successful in anything you need a good team to support and guide you when your a little lost, and that’s what Steve has done for us! We had no clue on how to advertise our small business, but Steve has done a wonderful job in getting our business recognized online. Thank you! 😊

Have Questions? Need Help?

Talk With A Google Ads Management Expert

Knowledgeable, Personal Help

I’m Steve Pitt and since 2010, I’ve specialized in helping small businesses effectively market and advertise their business on the internet.
My company is a Google Partner, and Microsoft Ads Partner.

You get personal, responsive, affordable service. The focus is on helping your get more customers and grows your business thru effective internet advertising.

Boost Ad Performance
Knowledgeable, experienced, personal help. We care about you, your business, and your results.
Lower prices. We keep our overhead low and pass on the savings to our clients. There are no long-term contacts or commission sales people.
Programs for your needs and your budget. Our focus is on helping you and your business, based on your needs and what makes sense for your budget.

Affordable, Effective PPC Management 

We're experts in Google Ads & Bing Ads Management

Google Ads

Management Service

$375/ per month
or 8% of total account spend, whichever is greater.

Professional Google Ads Management 

Bi-Weekly Management

$250 Setup Fee

Results Focused Management

Monitoring & Optimization

Call Us At 720-600-0515

Microsoft Ads

Management Service

$375/ per month or 8% of total
account spend, whichever is greater.

Professional Microsoft Ads Management

Bi-Weekly Management

$250 Setup Fee

Results Focused Management

Monitoring & Optimization

Call Us At 720-600-0515

PPC Management

Google Ads & Microsoft Ads (Bing)


$625/ per month or 8% of total account spend, whichever is greater.

Professional PPC Management

Bi-Weekly Google & Bing Management

$250 Setup Fee

Results-Focused Management

Monitoring & Optimization

Call Us At 720-600-0515

Click Fraud

Protection Service

$60/ per month

Top Rated Google Ads Click Fraud Protection

Reduces Click Fraud Costs

Saves You Money

Advanced Blocking Features

Run A More Efficient Campaign

Call Us At 720-600-0515