What if you could immediately put your business on the map in a big way? In addition to your organic SEO efforts, PPC is one of the greatest ways to launch a new marketing campaign or new business venture. But some businesses don’t make the most of their PPC and effectively throw their money away. The secret is hiring a company to manage your PPC efforts. But how can you find affordable PPC management?

Keep reading to discover our complete guide for beginners!

What Is PPC Management?

Our guide is designed to help beginners find affordable PPC management for their business. But we need to start by answering a basic question: what, exactly, is PPC management?

Think of it this way: PPC is a very handy tool, but you can only get out of it what you put into it. That means you need to already have a solid understanding of keywords, the bidding process, and a solid marketing strategy in place.

If you haven’t worked with PPC much before, though, then your early efforts will be filled with trial and error. And your money is effectively losing business each month on PPC marketing.

With a PPC management company, you get the benefit of a third party with extensive PPC experience helping you make the most of your marketing. They handle much of the PPC marketing, and your business can participate as much or as little as you want.

Now that you know more about what PPC management is, let’s dive into some of the best ways to find an affordable white label PPC management company!

A Better ROI for PPC

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve already experimented with PPC on your own. And it has likely been a frustrating experience where you don’t really get your money’s worth.

When you have discussions with potential PPC management companies, it’s important to discuss ROI. On a basic level, this means discussing what the different pricing plans are and what you get out of the various features the company is offering.

On a more advanced level, though, you should feel free to ask the PPC management company about their success stories and the clients they have worked with before. This can give you a better idea of whether or not they can produce and manage successful PPC campaigns for your business.

The Right Analytics

Once upon a time, “analytics” felt like one of those buzzwords that would eventually go away. Now, however, analytics is the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign.

And that includes your PPC marketing. Without conducting analytics tests and studying the results, you have no way of knowing whether your PPC marketing is effective or not. And simply put, you can’t improve the current system if you have no way of assessing your marketing performance so far.

The best PPC management companies have access to reliable analytics software and years of experience analyzing that data. Even better, they can present this data to you and your business in a visual way that is easy to understand.

That’s important because as our guide will reveal, it’s important to have a collaborative relationship with your PPC management company. And highly important to choose a management company that values data and outcomes.

Discuss Your Budget

Speaking of collaboration, you need to be honest with prospective PPC management companies about what your budget is. This will affect both the management plans you can afford and the exact campaign strategies this company will develop.

For example, a good PPC management company can help you understand the approximate Cost-Per-Click (CPC) of a potential marketing campaign. If you’re not careful, you could choose a CPC too high, causing the campaign to seriously disrupt your budget. But with professional assistance, you can avoid such disruption while still maximizing your marketing.

While discussing your budget with a PPC management company, you should also discuss the kinds of PPC marketing you want to focus on. Things like Google Ads, display ads, and social media PPC all have different uses, demographics, and costs. Good collaboration with the right company will help you discover exactly where your money should be spent.

Discovering New Opportunities

Earlier, we touched on the fact that you should have a collaborative relationship with your PPC management company. And one of the primary reasons for this is that the company can help you discover some brand new opportunities.

One of the biggest rookie mistakes businesses make with PPC is getting stuck in a marketing rut. Think of it this way: it won’t take long for you and the PPC management company to discover some effective marketing strategies. At that point, it may be tempting to use the same strategies year in and year out.

However, the simple truth is that the market changes from year to year. Demographics shift, public attitudes change, and the strategies that worked a year or two before will now produce dwindling results.

By hiring a PPC management company that will collaborate with you and help you discover new paid opportunities, you can avoid falling into this repetitive trap. And you can make sure that your PPC marketing strategies are fresh and effective from year to year.

PPC Analysis: A Daily Challenge

Here’s an open secret about PPC marketing: it requires constant monitoring to be truly effective.

With daily PPC monitoring, you can discover how effective your current strategies are. And if one of your strategies or campaigns is lacking in some way, you can then make quick adjustments to make this marketing effective again.

While that sounds easy enough, most businesses cannot afford to have one of their own employees constantly monitoring PPC performance. That’s because you need your experienced employees to do what they do best rather than ignoring other duties to monitor PPC.

As you might imagine, this is where a PPC management company comes in. The best management companies can monitor your PPC marketing performance on a daily basis and even send daily reports to you about how things are going.

Ultimately, this is the best of both worlds. You get all the benefits of hands-on daily PPC monitoring while freeing you and your employees up to focus on other areas of responsibility.

Tweaking Your Existing Material

Like we said before, chances are that you have already dipped your toes into the water of PPC marketing. And because you didn’t like your old material, or it didn’t perform as well as you had hoped, you are now seeking a PPC management company.

However, you may be surprised by what the right management company can do with your old material. In some cases, all they have to do is make a few small changes to turn yesterday’s unimpressive PPC marketing into today’s highly effective PPC campaign.

It’s good for employee morale to see that your previous hard work is now being used in new and exciting ways. And tweaking your old marketing campaigns is a great way to keep your marketing costs down while you work with a PPC management company to maximize your budget.

Easy and Frequent Communication

We’ve mentioned this a few times now, but it bears both repetition and emphasis: the most important PPC management company quality is good communication skills.

When you get right down to it, you are placing a lot of trust in the PPC management company. They aren’t just another contractor: their marketing efforts can either take your business to the next level or completely squander your marketing budget.

You’re trusting this company with the future of your business. So you want to make sure that your business and theirs are on the same page about your marketing plans. And you want to make sure that you have multiple ways of communicating with them if need be.

The good news is that your initial communication with the company will give you a good idea of their communication skills. If you’ve got a good feeling about this company, then you can trust that both of you will have a positive relationship in the future.

Website Audit

Sometimes, one of the biggest PPC hurdles is not your choice of keywords or your budget. Instead, it may be your existing landing pages!

For most businesses, there is room for improvement on the landing pages. Certain keywords and metadata need to be tweaked to ensure that customers find your site. And improving the keywords and metadata is important for both PPC and even organic SEO.

If you’re worried about your landing pages, you should talk with your prospective PPC management company. They may be able to help conduct a brief audit of your existing landing pages. From there, you can make a few small tweaks that will seriously boost your next PPC marketing campaign!

Affordable PPC Management: What Next?

Now you know how to find an affordable PPC management company. But do you know where to find such a company right here and now?

At PayPerClickAuthority, we specialize in helping small business owners get the most out of their PPC marketing. To see what we can do for your own business, contact us today!