Are you a marketing agency? If so, you’re probably aware of the power that PPC ads hold for businesses. 

Stats show that PPC ads can boost brand awareness by 80%, return an ROI of 200%, and yield better conversion rates than organic marketing. 

But, what if you don’t have the manpower, capacity, or time to handle PPC ad campaigns for your clients? Should you ignore this side of the marketing coin? Definitely not. 

Through white label PPC management, you can facilitate professionally run ad campaigns for your clients that drive conversions and ramp up their sales numbers. What’s more, you can do this under your own name, gaining all the credit—effectively expanding your business offerings with little-to-no effort. 

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. 

If your marketing agency isn’t leveraging the power of white label services for PPC ad management, you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to scale. 

Keep reading to find out what is PPC management, and why white label PPC services can be such a powerful driver of growth for your business. 

What Is White Label PPC Management?

If you’re wondering what is white label PPC management, it’s basically outsourced ad management. 

Instead of overseeing clients’ PPC campaigns in-house, you can outsource this function to an agency that specializes in PPC management. 

A white label product or service is usually defined as something that is produced and manufactured by one company and then rebranded by another company.

For instance, let’s say you run a web design service. Crispy Clean Laundromat approaches you about running PPC ads for their business after you’ve built them a website. 

Instead of telling them you don’t do PPC ads or scrambling around to add this to your list of services, you can opt for white label PPC management. If you select a reputable white label PPC management service, you can supply your client with what they need at zero hassle. 

Or maybe you’ve been thinking of adding PPC to your list of services, but the cost, skills curve, and nitty-gritty details are holding you back. White label PPC management services allow agencies to skip all of this and hand the task over to a team of professionals who are fully equipped to handle everything related to your clients’ ad campaigns. 

Your clients get to enjoy all the benefits of paid ads. Your business enjoys extra revenue without the disruption that can come with launching a new service in-house. 

You Can Use White Label Services Under Your Own Brand

As we mentioned above, the best part of white label PPC management is that you can do all of this under your own name. You are under no obligation to inform clients that your in-house staff isn’t personally administering the ad campaigns. White label PPC management is meant to function seamlessly under the umbrella of your services. 

Think of it like this. A lot of businesses nowadays outsource functions like IT, accounting, and customer service. If you outsource your IT function, you’re not obligated to inform your customers of this. 

The same applies to white label PPC services. As long as you’re providing your customers with successful ad campaigns that are professionally run, there’s no need to personally administer them.

How White Label PPC Management Works

If you decide to use a white label PPC management service such as ours, you can choose to position us as part of your team or have us work in the background.

Whichever option you choose, your clients remain entirely yours. 

Campaign Setup

Once you’ve signed up with a white label PPC management service, the first thing that usually happens is an evaluation of your customer’s PPC needs. The white label service will then conduct keyword research and identify the right keywords for your clients’ business goals. 

After this, the PPC management service will set up a campaign according to your budget and marketing goals and create ad groups. 

Once the campaign starts running, your white label PPC management service should then monitor and track conversions and provide you with a set of reports after a specified period, such as 30 days. 

Campaign Optimization

A good PPC manager will optimize campaigns based on results on an ongoing basis. For instance, here at PayPerClickAuthority, we know that the best campaigns are the ones that get regularly fine-tuned. We strategically optimize and manage your campaigns on a bi-weekly basis. 

Most campaigns require more regular adjustments and optimization in the early stages. As time goes on, well-optimized campaigns won’t need as many adjustments, but this doesn’t mean you should choose a service that’s going to set-and-forget your customers’ ads after initial fine-tuning. 


Once you’ve reached the end of your first cycle with a white label PPC management service, you should receive a comprehensive report that gives you a strong overview of your campaigns and includes things like:

  • Change history reports
  • Ad group info
  • Keyword reports
  • Overall campaign reports
  • Ad conversion rates

Not only are these reports essential for your own peace of mind, but they’re also vital to have on hand for your clients. With comprehensive reports, your business should be able to answer the client’s questions without having to get involved in a back-and-forth with your PPC manager. 

Will My Business Get Locked Into a Contract?

One of the things businesses worry about when outsourcing or using white label services is getting locked into a contract. Fortunately, with PPC management this is not an issue, as long as you choose the right service. 

A competitive white label PPC management provider will allow customers to cancel their service at any time. This allows you ultimate flexibility. If you don’t need PPC management for a couple of months, no problem. 

With us, you can pause, restart, or cancel your service on a month-to-month basis without having to worry about cancellation fees or lengthy contracts. 

The Costs of PPC Management

Another common concern businesses have around outsourcing any function is the potential costs. Surely it must be cheaper to carry out a function in-house that to have a professional service handle it for you?

Not necessarily. If you happen to have everything you need to conduct industry-leading PPC management in-house, you might be able to achieve similar results at a similar cost. 

However, for most businesses adding a new service to their existing offers can involve a boatload of hidden and variable costs. 

In contrast, white label PPC allows businesses to instantly start offering PPC ad services—while enjoying a predictable, fixed monthly cost. 

Prices can vary widely between providers, but here at PayPerClickAuthority, our white label PPC package starts at $500 per month with zero setup fees. 

The Benefits of White Label PPC Management

Now that we’ve covered what white label PPC management is and how it works, let’s go over some of its benefits. We touched on a few of the advantages already, such as predictable costs and easy deployment, but it’s worth unpacking these in more detail.

Faster Results

One of the most attractive benefits of white label PPC services is they allow businesses to add PPC ads to their list of offerings almost instantly. 

Instead of needing weeks or months to hire, train, and get your PPC marketing team off the ground, you sign up for a white label PPC management service in a matter of minutes. Within a very short space of time, you can be running highly-effective ad campaigns for your clients.

Besides this, white label PPC can also drive much faster campaign results. If you have to build a PPC ad management service from the ground up, your team might end up having to learn on the job (ie. on your customers’ campaigns).

PPC management can require a lot of trial and error in the beginning, and it may take months before your clients’ campaigns truly deliver the results you’re looking for. 

With a white label PPC management service you can get these results almost straight away. 

Happier Customers

If you can rapidly launch a PPC campaign, and supercharge conversion rates overnight—this is going to make for some very happy customers. 

Digital marketing clients don’t want to have to wait for months to see results from an ad campaign. At the end of the day, they need conversions that will grow their bottom line. 

If you can deliver this quickly and effectively, at an affordable price, your clients will keep coming back for more.

More Time to Focus on Core Operations

Unless PPC ad management is going to be the main focus of your business, investing time and resources into gearing up to provide this to your clients could be a waste of your energies. 

If you’re like most marketing agencies, your staff probably already has enough work on their plates. Adding the workload and learning curve of PPC marketing will divert time and focus away from core activities. 

For instance, let’s say your marketing agency specializes in top-notch, comprehensive branding services. Your teams are trained experts in creating powerful branding that blows your customers away. 

Why divert your teams’ energies away from this standout service, to manually deliver a service that you could outsource instead?

Zero Training Costs

White label PPC also eradicates the need for any training or hiring costs for businesses that want to start offering paid ad management. 

According to estimates, it costs $1,252 on average to train a new employee. And this isn’t the only expense you’ll incur when hiring new staff. 

Onboarding new staff members can come with a plethora of hidden costs, including increased overheads. Altogether, studies indicate that it costs an average of $9,444.47 to hire, train, and onboard an $8 per-hour employee. 

Instant Deployment

Did you know that the average business double’s it’s Google Ads investment? Now, imagine you could give your clients a 200% ROI on their ad spend, while barely having to lift a finger.

And the best part is, all of the credit will go directly to you. 

With a white label PPC management service, you can launch professional campaigns for your clients within a matter of days, with a minimum of effort.

Reduced Overheads

White label PPC services can not only reduce training costs, but they can also help you maintain low overheads and keep your business model lean. 

If you’re looking to hire a PPC professional to oversee your clients’ ad campaigns this will drive up payroll costs. If you’re happy to have an entry-level paid search analyst spearhead your campaigns, you can expect to pay between $40k and $60k.

However, if you want a PPC specialist on your team with more than 3 years of experience, you’ll probably be looking at an annual salary of somewhere between $75k to $94k.

Also, don’t forget that additional salaries aren’t the only overheads that come with new hires. Hiring also increases payroll taxes, health insurance contributions, equipment costs, etc. 

Access to Evolving Knowledge and Best Practices

One of the most advantageous benefits of white label PPC management is it gives businesses access to evolving knowledge bases. 

Any white label PPC service worth its salt is continually keeping up with industry developments in the paid ad space and refining its practices. 

This means you and your clients get access to the best industry expertise. 

Your Business Will Benefit From a Team of Experts

Most white-label PPC service providers also have larger teams than small or niche marketing agencies can employ. Not only do they have industry-leading paid search knowledge. They also have all the talent needed to create high-converting ad campaigns for your clients. 

From crafting strong ad copy that converts, to targeting the right keywords, a good white label PPC service has everything it takes to create a killer ad strategy that drives results. 

If you utilize a white label service, you can tap into pooled knowledge on paid search, rather than relying on one or two in-house PPC analysts.

You Can Become a One-Stop Shop for Your Customers

Another benefit of leveraging white label PPC management is it can allow you to become a one-stop shop for your marketing clients. 

The more services you can offer clients under one roof, the easier for them. Instead of having to shop around for another service, they can just add PPC campaign management to their monthly package with you. 

Not only does this makes things easy for your clients, but it also allows you to cross-sell services.

Let’s say you’ve finished creating a great landing page that converts like crazy for a client. They’re happy and impressed. When you suggest boosting conversions even further by using paid ads to drive more traffic to the page, they’re almost guaranteed to be onboard.  

Becoming a one-stop shop can also help prevent customers from switching to another marketing agency. 

If clients are forced to find a different marketing agency for their paid search needs, and they find one that offers PPC management as well as the services you offer—who’s to say they won’t jump ship?

Seamless Conversions

Did you know that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than visitors that come through organic channels? 

One of the reasons for this is that clicking on the ad can often be the biggest friction point.

Leads that click on paid ads are also usually further down the buyer journey. In other words, they’re already closer to making a purchase decision than someone who is still researching their options. 

But, in order to attract these high-converting leads, you need to structure, tailor, and finely target your ad campaigns. If you don’t, you’ll generate fewer conversions for the same ad spend. 

White label PPC is the best way to ensure your clients get the most out of their ad budget. 

White Label PPC Management Allows You to Scale With Ease

One of the most powerful benefits of leveraging white label PPC management services is they can allow you to scale your business with ease. 

For most businesses, scaling is tough. If not handled correctly, scaling problems can cripple a business.

If your client base grows rapidly, and your in-house teams can’t keep up with the demand for paid ad campaigns, the quality of your service will drop and you may lose clients. 

Alternatively, if you utilize a white label PPC service, all you need to do is bump up your package when demand rises. If demand drops, you can downgrade at the drop of a hat. 

Tips for Choosing a White Label PPC Management Service

As you can see, white label PPC management is one of the easiest, most effective ways to start offering professionally run ad campaigns to your clients. However, to enjoy all of the benefits of white label PPC, you need to pick the right service. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the very best white label PPC service to handle your client’s ad campaigns. 

Vet for Experience

The first thing to vet for when looking for a white label PPC service is experience. You definitely don’t want an inexperienced team managing your clients’ campaigns. You also don’t want to work with a business that’s just opened up and hasn’t streamlined its operations yet. 

Looking for experience? We’ve got it. PayPerClickAuthority has more than a decade’s worth of experience managing PPC campaigns for small businesses. 

Look for a Google Partner

Another way to make sure you’re choosing a good PPC management provider is to pick one that’s a Google Partner. The Google Partner program is specifically designed for third parties and agencies that are administering ads on behalf of other brands or businesses. 

Google Partners get access to a variety of features, including insights and education, and enhanced support.

If a PPC management service is not a Google Partner, they either don’t know much about the industry or aren’t run professionally. 

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Hidden Fees

Before you sign up for a PPC management service, we’d also recommend that you keep an eagle eye out for hidden fees. 

Hidden fees are never fun, and they also indicate a lack of transparency. Two common types of hidden fees to watch out for are onboarding fees and package cancellation fees. 

Prioritize Commitments to Quality

It’s easy for a white label PPC management service to promise you the world on their landing page, but as we all know, words are cheap. Just because a good copywriter wordsmithed an attractive sales pitch doesn’t mean that the services will live up to the promises. 

Therefore, look for PPC management services that back up their promises. For instance here at PayPerClickAuthority, we are so confident in our ability to boost your clients’ ad conversion rate that our white-label PPC management service comes with a quality guarantee. 

If you’re unhappy with our results, we will cancel your service (with no sneaky cancellation fees) and reimburse your management fee. 

Double-Check Account and Ad Ownership

Lastly, make sure that the service you’re working with gives you full ownership over everything they create. This is imperative in a true white label PPC service. 

You need to be the owner of the add account. You should also be allowed to keep everything the PPC management service creates, including ad copy, media resources, etc. 

Are You Looking To Leverage White Label PPC Ad Management?

White label PPC management offers marketing agencies a turnkey way to meet their clients’ paid ad needs. Instead of wasting time and resources building out an in-house paid search service, you can have customer campaigns up and running in a matter of days with white label PPC management. 

White label PPC management also allows you to tap into industry-leading, expert knowledge so you can drive fast results for your clients that’ll keep them coming back for more. 

Do you want to leverage the power of white label PPC management for your clients? You’ve come to the right place. 

With our white label PPC services, you can rest assured your clients’ Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts are professionally run using industry best practices. You also get personal, responsive service, something that’s critical for resellers.

With us, you can enjoy some of the lowest prices, the best customer care, and zero hidden fees or cumbersome contracts. 

Check out our white label PPC services today to get started.