Brands spend a lot of money advertising their businesses, but those advertisements only reach so many people. Small businesses don’t have the same level of purchasing power as major corporations, so it’s even harder for them to advertise effectively. Personalised ads level the playing field for small businesses by helping those businesses find potential customers.

By targeting your audience with Facebook Custom Audiences, you can show ads to people who your business knows are interested in your products and services, saving you time and money while getting results.

Personalized Ads: Ideal For Small Businesses 

Facebook’s personalized advertising helps level the playing field for small businesses. While large brands can afford expensive mass marketing campaigns, local shops and family restaurants cannot. Personalized ads help these local businesses compete.

The Facebook Custom Audience: What Is It?

As the term’s wording suggests, a Facebook Custom Audience allows Facebook ads to be targeted as a particular group of people that interacted with your brand at some point.

This group does not exist in the same way that a gender, age cohort, or location does. Instead, the group is defined by data you provide to Facebook, such as a list of email addresses from your database. Facebook then provides a list of people who meet this criterion to you. This allows you to target your ads to specific people who have shown interest in whatever it is you’re selling.

Some of the many things that can be achieved through using Facebook Custom Audience include:

  • Craft ads for specific sections of the audience (the e-mail list at the bottom of the funnel, for example)
  • Retarget ads to people that interacted with a previous post
  • Upsell new products to existing customers

Thanks to Custom Audiences, marketing efforts will be far more direct. That will, in turn, lead to a boost in conversions and return on investment (ROI). Personalized ads make a huge difference for small business in several aspects. This includes:

  • Cost Efficiency – Everything poured into these ads, down to the cents, will go a long way.
  • Location – Facebook is the biggest social media network on the globe, with a reach in the billions. This means customers can now be global in a matter of clicks.
  • Targeting – Specific interests, specific places, specific times. It’s a lot like having a clear beeline to a person’s eyes.

Rules and Permissions

Custom Audiences can be created only when you have permission to use the email addresses you upload. You need to get permission to send messages to the email addresses on your list, or custom audiences will be created from them.

If you have set up lists in a certain way, you need to update how you are doing that list. If people were opted out (chose to not be in the list), they can’t be on the list. If you have a custom audience that has people who have opted out, you will need to make new custom audiences without them on there. If you are using data that is your own, you will need to regularly update these lists.


Facebook Custom Audiences are great for ads. They allow a very specific targeting method in terms of location and they’re very cost efficient, since the people are either existing customers or have interacted with the brand’s Facebook somehow before. It’s important to take note of rules and permissions to stay compliant with data privacy rules.

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