Designing effective landing pages is one of the most critical marketing strategies for promoting a business. Using a landing page, you can, for example, offer a free copy of your latest book in exchange for people’s email addresses. 

While a large audience may initially appear skeptical of what you’re offering, there are several ways to gain people’s trust, create leads, and grow your business through landing pages.

Here are seven strategies to create stunning landing pages that convert:

1. Create a Catchy Landing Page Title

Make your title specific to why you want people to visit your page. Don’t fall into the habit of click-baiting users into your landing page since this is a detrimental practice. Promising what you can’t offer can reduce overall customer trust and satisfaction. 

You don’t need to be vague about your title because that will confuse and potentially turn off potential leads. Instead, create titles containing a clear call to action. For instance, if you want users to listen to your new podcast about a product launch, you can write, “Listen to Our Latest Podcast and Get Freebies!” 

2. Keep a Simple Layout and Background

Don’t go crazy with your landing page’s layout and background design. You need your visitors and customers to focus on the content of your promotion, so that’s what you need to highlight. 

Use cold and clear fonts for keywords or phrases you want people to see right away. If you are using images or videos, make sure they are curated neatly and that you’re using high-quality media files.

3. Optimize for Mobile

With the help of mobile-friendly landing pages, you can reach more people and get more qualified leads. It’s best to stick to modern web design trends to know what works and what doesn’t. Always stay up-to-date with current web and mobile design trends, so your landing pages look fresh and relevant even at first glance.

Since users typically check their messages on their phones first, always check that your content is mobile-responsive. A mobile-responsive content will not distort or truncate even when opened in differently-sized mobile devices like phones and tablets. 

4. Capitalize on Your Visuals

While your landing page title is crucial in enticing visitors, adding a photo or video can help your audience better visualize your product or service and make your landing page stand out even more. 

If you use a photo as the background of your landing page, make sure it’s related to the product or service you’re promoting and not just a clickbait to gain more traffic. 

5. Frequently Update Your Page

People are always looking for new deals and discounts. If your landing page does not have anything new to offer, more people will ignore it. 

To help continue to draw people to your landing page, try to add new content regularly. You can also take advantage of tools like MailChimp to allow your customers to subscribe to your list.

6. Include an Opt-in Form

A simple opt-in form will give you a way to connect with your visitors. This allows you to follow them up and hopefully convert them to potential customers through email newsletters and the like. 

Even if they reject your offer and exit your landing page, include an opt-in form again if they wish to be updated with new offerings in the future. Creating a form on your landing page will help you increase sales.

7. Close with a Call-to-Action

Your goal is to receive an email address, phone number, or other information from those visiting your page. As such, a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) is of great importance. Make sure the call to action is in the center of your page and is easy to see with clear text.

Avoid using unclear or passive CTAs like “Want to know more?” Instead, be direct with your CTA button and label it as “Click here to sign-up,” “Get your free e-book now,” and the like.


Landing pages help you increase sales and customer loyalty. They also enable you to define your audience better and help you create more relevant products and services. Making the most of landing pages can significantly benefit any business owner.

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