Did you know that the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) industry has a steady growth? After all, about 7 million PPC advertisers invested around $10.1 billion in 2017. 

They’re that important to your success. 

If you’re working with a PPC agency, you need to make sure that you’re talking to them regularly. This will allow you to make the most out of their service by checking their performance. 

But you might not have the right questions and methods to measure success. This can lead to miscommunication and issues later down the line.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best PPC management practices.

1. Maintain a Consistent Meeting Schedule and Frequency

This tip is the most important since you won’t have the right communication if you don’t do it in the first place. That’s why you should set up regular meetings, as well as calls and reporting points. You need to do this as soon as you start working with a PPC agency.

The schedule might change as you work with them, but you need to set them in your calendars. That way, you won’t miss the meetings even if work gets too hectic. Sometimes, you’ll have valid reasons not to have the means of attending a meeting or call with your agency.

If you can’t make it, make sure to talk with them and let them know you’re canceling. It’s an important step since it helps you reschedule or explore other options. It’s an easy process to forget, but remember that your agency spends time preparing their reports and other presentation materials.

When you cancel promptly, you’re helping them pause the preparations. Make sure to take some time to reschedule. That way, you can take a look at these materials and learn how your PPC campaign performs.

2. Clarify Your Data

Data often gets the most attention at the inception of your partnership with an agency. Regardless, you should revisit it whenever possible. After all, your goals might shift as time goes by, meaning some steps your agency makes won’t make any significant impact with your focused goal.

For example, you want to achieve a $40 cost per lead goal. After a few months, your agency might inform you that they already achieved this goal. It’s a great win for them, but if you didn’t specify that you also included the management fees from the agency as part of the $40.

Take note, not all agencies will think about CPL measurements with this in mind. Also, the majority of PPC clients don’t require this type of goal in the first place. But no matter the situation, you need to communicate these data points and clarify them as you move forward.

3. Ask Questions

The problem mentioned in the example above is preventable by asking the right questions. The world isn’t perfect, so it’s impossible to know what both parties think. That’s why asking questions about ambiguous items is important.

Make sure not to limit your questions when the PPC campaign isn’t performing well. Ask them whenever the campaign is at its best. You’ll learn a lot of things from both successes and failures.

Don’t be afraid to ask even the most basic things. Ask them to explain PPC if you’re unfamiliar with it or how it can benefit your business. Ask them what strategy works for your business type and location.

That way, you’ll also learn and understand your agency’s inner workings. Don’t hesitate and ask since there are no stupid questions. The more you know how they function, the better you can prepare yourself for a better, more robust PPC campaign.

4. Make the Most Out of Transparency

Most reputable PPC agencies will disclose the majority of tools they use for your PPC campaign. That way, they can build trust and give you options. These experts will send you both weekly and monthly reports, but they’ll give you access to check in whenever you want.

With the right credentials, you enjoy more transparency. You’ll have opportunities to have a closer look at how they optimize your PPC campaign as well as their other projects and tested they finished. As a client, you deserve to know the things your agency does, so make the most out of it and learn.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Share Your Concerns

It’s one of the most obvious things to do, but most clients hold back. It’s so bad that some clients let something they don’t agree with a few months after the fact. In most cases, concerns aren’t even related to their performance or PPC goals.

When you have a problem with the way your agency handles your campaign, don’t hold back. Waiting for too long might make you forget about it. With that, you’ll end up noticing it once again once it’s too late to fix without costing a lot.

You need to have an optimized PPC campaign, especially when you’re dealing with Google. This search engine has about 92% of the world’s search engine market. If you think that you’re not getting the most out of your PPC campaigns, raise these concerns as soon as possible.

Remember, working with PPC agencies is like getting into a relationship. Don’t go on for too long with these grievances. Don’t keep the frustrations in—voice out your worries and let your agency know.

Get the Best PPC Agency Today!

The bottom line is that you’re best-suited in dealing with your business concerns. Meanwhile, your chosen PPC agency should be the expert on optimizing and coming up with PPC campaigns. Both parties need to join and solve obstacles together since it helps you achieve your PPC goals.

You need to feel like you’re a true partner to your chosen agency. If you feel like you’re a purchaser and your agency a vendor, you aren’t communicating enough. Keep that in mind and you’ll have better chances in building a successful relationship with them.

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